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Z Flex

Z-Flex is an old school brand that has been around and knows a thing or two about skateboards. With the original Zephyr team having roots in Santa Monica.

Originally designing there first skateboard as another option for fun when they surf was dead it soon became apparent that skateboarding was taking over. The boys became known as the Z-Boys in the local area and were a massive hit in their own right. Jay Adams was one of the 1st Z-boys and became known as one of the best. In 1976 some of the group parted and Ez-Ryder was born which six months later changed to Z-Flex.

All this was happening at a time when the urethane wheel was introduced to the market. Z-Flex soon became involved in testing and developing the urethane wheel further and developed the Z-Flex abrasion resistant Z. Smooth wheels specifically for boardwalk skating, followed closely by Z Grooves, a one-of-a-kind, faster, smoother wheel with a formula which most of today’s wheels are based upon.

Pushing into the future and Z-Flex were leaders in utilizing a concave deck on the board’s top side which you will now find on almost every skateboard of today.

Skate boards in general usually come in 7 ply although it’s not unheard of to get 9 ply. All this means is the number of sheets of ply put together to make the board. Now you might think that 9 ply will be better than 7 ply and if the same process and materials are used then yes this would be the case. However these days with manufacturing developed as it has its much better to look at the materials used in the board and the process of putting it all together. As a rule of thumb like with most things you will get what you pay for.

Trucks will usually be around the same width as the board with reverse kingpin trucks on Long Boards which allow for more carving and movement in turns and standard kingpin trucks on street boards.

As a rule of thumb smaller wheels work better with a shorter deck and larger wheels with a longer deck. The durometer or hardness of the wheel should largely be chosen on the rider’s weight and personal preference. The higher the number (i.e. 87A) the harder the wheel. With a softer wheel you won’t feel the lumps and bumps of the ground so much but it will be slower than a harder wheel. For this reason most Long Boards come with a softer wheel than a skate park board.