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The Brand New Tantrum IV Scooter is updated by Slamm, following high demand.

The Tantrum Scooter is perfect for all under 8 riders looking for a true stunt model with lower bars.  In mid October 2014 this Junior scooter returned after being discontinued and has just been updated again.  Following a mass increase in the number of smaller riders wanting to try out there skills on the ramps, and grind with the big boys, Slamm bought back this fantastic mini version of the popular rage scooter.   An awesome design for 4-8 year olds who want to keep up with their older siblings.  

Bars - With lower bars at 502mm (19.75 inches)  it is much easier for 4-8 year olds to ride and control safely, yet being designed by this brand you know you have a quality built that will last.  These bars are oversized and dipped in a Y shape, with soft rubber grips in a BMX style. 

Deck - The same deck as the more expensive Classic III, it's reinforced and measures 10.66cm x 47.75cm (4.2" x 18.8").  The squared down-tube connector is also reinforced making this model really robust.

Clamp - The Tantrum features a triple oversized clamp. Remember to always tightened each bolt a little at a time, working through the bolts in turn and then back through them until each bolt is fully tightened.  This will to provide a really strong even grip across the clamp and avoid any bar wobble.

Wheels - Standard 100mm nylon core wheels are included on this Slamm model, and the Tantrum II also has fast ABEC 9 chrome bearings.  The urethane is 88a meaning they are more hard wearing than some cheaper tyres.

Brake - A spring brake features on this model, and is made from aluminium.  Spring brakes are generally considered more favourable for younger kids who can find it tough to push down on flex brakes to stop the scooter.

Headset - A Neco standard recreational threaded headset is fitted to this model.

From the scooter deck where the rider stands to the top of the bars the distance is 26 inches or 66 cm.

This Slamm Tantrum is the perfect option for under 8's because it has all the qualities of the standard model, but simply scaled down for a junior rider.