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Synch Bands

Introducing the latest 'must have' fashion accessory from the USA! SYNCH BANDS convert any lace up shoe into a slip on. Kids just love 'em. With a range of colours and sizes to suit everyone, get 'SYNCHED' now!

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Synch Bands Purple Haze

Synch Bands Purple Haze£6.99   £2.99

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New in from the USA Synch bands take something we do everyday and make it easier....and fun again.

Such an easy concept it will leave you wondering way you didn't think of it yourself!

No one wants laces that are too long or become untied easily so you trip up, Synch Bands keep your feet just as secure and snug as a normal lace without you having to tie them, they turn your shoes into slip-ons!

Parents love them because they look neat, kid's shoes stay on and you're not constantly being asked to tie laces. They also save a whole lot of time when you're in a rush!

Small Kids love them because they make their shoes so easy to put on and mean they can get out playing faster.

Big Kids love them because there is no excess lace to tuck down inside the footwear yet they achieve the current trend of not having big bows at the front of the shoe.

We live in a world where kids want to customize everything they own, they now can with Synch Bands, plus these are totally innovative too. With a range of colours and sizes to suit everyone.


 Check out these clips from Synch Bands and see just how they work and some different style options.