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The Urban IV from Slamm, their best-selling Scooter just got even better!

Upgraded for 2015 the Slamm Urban has been around for a while and still sells out better than any other scooter we stock.  The reason for this is fantastic value for money.  The scooter has a solid build and is perfect for young stunt riders wanting to take it to the skate park to do tricks on, yet is equally at home on pavements for those less adventurous.  Previously known as the  Rage Urban, they dropped the Rage part of the name as they increased the variety of models available.  If you want to view the full range of Slamm's models visit our Slamm Scooters page, otherwise scoot on down the page to find out more about the epic Urban.  

Deck - The boxed deck on the 2015 model has been brought bang up to date with grind rails for those riders who love to slide.  With an extruded reinforced connector this model also takes on the look of a much more pricey ride.  The connector is the part of the scooter that attaches the deck to the forks/bars.  This part needs to be strong to ensure the scooter doesn't snap in half on impact.  Being forged from one piece of metal helps to ensure there are no weak points and the vertical cut outs in the connector help to keep the who set up as lightweight as possible, but also looks epic. 

Bars - The chunky oversized bars are held in place with a double clamp (right on trend) although this one has a steel insert to help reduce the chance of your bolts threading.  The bars themselves are Dipped Y bars measuring 432mm wide x 584mm high (17"x23").  As bars go these are amongst our highest, unless you want to spend a lot more money.  This is great if you want the scooter to last, however do consider our Junior Package Deal where you gain an extra set of shorter bars in addition to this scooter.

Bar Grips - In similarity to the higher priced Urban Xtrm and the Assault, this model is fitted with Slamm's 125mm Impact bar grips.  Perfect for protecting from scuffs, the end caps on these grips are hardened and super tough. 

Forks - A massive feature on this new model are the improved lightened forks.  Made from punched steel the forks have side cut outs giving them a pro scooter look.  The forks are threaded and should require little to no adjustment throughout their lifespan. 

Brake - The Flex brake on this model is made from a carbon steel composite and helps to avoid the constant rattle that can be experienced on models with spring brakes. 

Wheels - Standard sized 100mm wheels are fitted to this ride and have a Nylon Core, perfectly adequate for younger stunt riders.  If you progress to serious jumps and heavy landings then these plastic hub wheels can be upgraded to metal or alloy core ones very easily.  The wheel outer is made from 88a urethane, pretty tough on the scale and should not wear too quickly, although this does depend strongly on how the scooter is being used.  Constant skidding and overuse of the break on any scooter will wear tyres more quickly.  Again, they are easily replaced and should be an expected consumable if used a lot. 


The Awesome Urban XTRM II

Thought it couldn't get any better? Meet the Urban XTRM II (RRP of £90).

With the boxed deck and extruded connector, similar to the new Urban, the XRTM can handle the most extreme riding.

The wheels are a massive feature on this model.  The 100mm Orbit Metal core wheels are much more robust than the nylon cores on the standard model.  This model also has Mi-T durable 88a urethane tyres helping to reduce flat spots and squaring of the wheel.

The bars on this model are different to the Urban and are BMX style Y bars, a fraction higher at 23.2" and much wider at 20.5" fantastic for those more serious about stunt riding.

Both these scooters have superb features, perfect for riders of all abilities, so which Slamm Urban IV scooter will you choose?