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Slamm’s Entry Level Rage Classic is a quality Scooter.

The Slamm Rage Scooter is one of our best-selling kid’s models, and has seen a makeover for 2014 with the update of the entry level Rage Classic and Rage Urban to the version 3.  In addition to this, they have bought out the ultimate in this range with their Urban Extreme. 

With the Rage range now starting at an RRP of £69.95 it’s one of the cheapest stunt models out there that still manages to give you quality and style, and owners give it top marks.

Indeed, many experienced riders also choose these because of the price and if necessary upgrade the components as they are required.  Looking for a higher spec for cruising, grinding and riding half pipes, whilst the Rage Classic scooter is perfect, Slamm Scooters also have top end Slamm models with more awesome features.

Classic 4.

Since its introduction in spring 2013 the Slamm Classic has been a hit with younger riders particularly when bought as the Junior Package Deal with extra set of low bars added to the Rage, making it suitable for 5 years plus. 

This model slots in perfectly for new riders or those just starting out learning tricks and stunts. With a RRP of £70 this model will not break the bank, yet offers a sturdy ride that it won’t break under the slightest jump.

This lastest version of the Classic is available in the most popular colours of Green and Blue and in addition to the wheel bearings being upgraded to ABEC 9's for a smoother/faster ride, this latest model also features an internal headset.


The difference between the Classic and the Urban?

The key difference between the 2 models are that the Classic has more toned down graphics, a spring break which is much easier for younger kids to operate, and standard grips without the extra reinforcements to the end bars. 

Apart from that though this model is very much on par with the Urban.  Any model within the Slamm Rage Scooter range is perfect for the rider wanting a good brand name in the skate park.



 Classic 4

 Urban 3

 Urban XTRM


100mm 88A Nylon Core

100mm 88A Nylon Core

100mm 88A Disk Alloy Core


ABEC- 9 Chrome

ABEC- 9 Chrome

ABEC- 9 Chrome


One Piece Oversized Dipped Bar 17"x23"

One Piece Oversized Dipped Bar 17"x23"

One Piece Oversized BMX Style Y Bar 20.5"x23.2"


Soft BMX Style Rubber Grips

Dual Compound Impact Bar Grips with Hard Ends

Dual Compound Impact Bar Grips with Hard Ends


Reinforced Steel

Punched One Piece Steel

Punched One Piece Steel


Semi Sealed Internal Headset

Neco Tapered Threaded

Neco Tapered Threaded


Reinforced Square Neck

Reinforced Square Neck Boxed Deck

Reinforced Extruded Neck Boxed Deck

Deck Size





Triple Clamp

Double Clamp With Steel Insert

Double Clamp With Steel Insert


Quick Stop Spring Brake

Carbon Composite Flex Brake

Carbon Composite Flex Brake





Age Range

Over 7 Years

Over 8 Years

Over 8 Years

Max Rider Weight

100 kg/220lbs

100 kg/220lbs

100 kg/220