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Motorised Self Balancing Boards, or Scooters as some are known, hit the UK this year. Sure to be the top of many Christmas lists, we are happy to offer the iSkute brand for sale.  Our experienced UK supplier, who also stock us with some of our best brands of scooters such as Grit, Crisp and Lucky, in addition to having extensive knowledge of the Bike industry,  has actually travelled to China to visit manufacturing factories to find the best self balance model to bring back to the UK market.   We are confident in the quality of this product and believe you get what you pay for with a self balancing electric scooter.

Suitable for rider weights between 20 - 100kgs, these self balance boards will travel up to 10km/h or 6mph and are very easy to control.  After around 30 mins of practice you should begin to grow confident in riding this 2 wheel balance model and let it transport you around with good acceleration. 

With the ability to turn 360 degrees on the spot, you can also stand still, and travel up or down inclines.  The two wheels are each powered individually by separate motors with the dual balancing systems operating to keep you upright.  

Unlike the mono boards the iSkute has 2 wheels proving more stability, making it easier to control and therefore safer to ride.  Accelerate by simply applying pressure at the front of your foot, pressing the left foot only allows you to turn right and visa versa.  Ready to slow down... the smooth braking system helps you to stop gently.

The battery charges within 2-3 hours and provides an average riding time of 2-3 hours or 8-9 miles based on a 65kg rider on a smooth surface.  As with any battery operated device, avoid over charging to help retain battery life.

UK plugs are provided with these scooters, NOT clover shaped plugs which have been provided with some inferior products and highlighted in the press. 

In order to make sure that the iSkute balance board is as safe as we can we have made sure that not only all the internal components are of a very high quality, have passed the relevant tests and carry the correct certification for the UK and EU but they work safely in conjunction with each other. 

For your peace of mind we recommend that you read the manual thoroughly and that you do not leave the product charging unattended, as you should with any electrical item of this nature.

We do recommend that every caution is taken whilst riding and protection including helmet and pads are worn at all times.  Child riders should be supervised by adults, and it is recommended that riders should be 130cm/30kg to ride without direct adult supervision. 

Technology has just made travel easy, fun and super cool.  These 2 wheel self balancing scooters are in high demand so pre-order now to ensure you don't miss out.