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Scooter Wheels

There are some awesome wheels on the market these days that can really change the feel of your scooter ride but when it comes to wheels does expensive mean better?

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Slamm Nylon Core Wheel 100mm- Purple

Slamm Nylon Core Wheel 100mm- Purple£4.95   £2.95

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There are some awesome wheels on the market these days that can really change the feel of your scooter ride but when it comes to wheels does expensive mean better?

The Core

Cheaper ranges of wheels will usually come with a plastic core which the bearings sit in whilst more expensive wheels should come with a metal core. The core of the wheel distributes heat through the wheel from the bearings, which can get hot at high speeds. Metal core wheels are going to be stronger and last longer than plastic core. That said if you don't push your scooter to the extreme and use it just for a soft ride plastic core wheels will be just fine. On the other hand if you are seriously into tricks and stunts and test your scooter to the limit you will be better off looking at metal core wheels.

The Outside

Urethane is the normal choice when it comes to the outer wheel. This is a hard wearing manufactured plastic that gives good grip with the ground but also maintains smoothness. Urethane has a bounce like feel to it a bit like a rubber ball called the rebound. It is also know for regaining and keeping shape. You can test the quality of the rebound by dropping the wheel on the floor and seeing how high it bounces!

The hardness of Urethane can differ though and will affect the type of ride you get from smoothness of the ride to speed. Softer Urethane wheels will be slower, but harder Urethane wheels will be bumpier and have less grip. If you are using your scooter for stunts in a skate park harder wheels will probably be better as skate parks tend to be smooth surfaces and you will get faster speed. On rough surfaces softer wheels will give you a smoother ride and you won't have to push so hard to get where you want to go.

You need to look for the Durometer of the wheel as this is what is used to measure the hardness of the wheel with the higher the number the harder the wheel. So for instance a (75a) will be softer with a grippier ride compared to a (89a) which will be faster on smooth surfaces but harder to control. Quality Stunt Scooters tend to have the higher end durometer ratings.



The standard size of scooter wheels is either 100mm or 110mm. So what do you go for? On a whole larger equals faster and small equals quicker acceleration. Larger wheels are faster due to them rotating fewer times to cover the same amount of distance. For this reason larger wheels are also kinder on the bearings.

That said not all 110mm wheels fit all scooters so be sure to check what will fit your scooter in making a new purchase of scooter wheels.

Replacing Wheels

Wheels are one of the things that are likely to need replacing in the lifetime of your scooter. Wheels tend to get flat spots mostly from excessive break use. Some stunt scooters have hard quick stop breaks which will wear the wheel more. Try using a pumping action of the break when slowing down to maintain wheel life. A worn wheel will slow you down and not give you the smooth ride or performance you were once used to. It may also be dangerous to ride you scooter with worn wheels. Stop before they get too bad and look into replacing them. Don’t break hard or continuously. Pump the break so as not to cause flat spots on the wheel.


Wheel Care

Keep your wheels out of water. If they become wet dry them thoroughly as soon as possible. Water can make the outer wheel come away from the core/hub as the adhesive used to bond them together is reactive with water.

Whereas your bearing will need greasing please keep the wheels grease and oil free as this can also cause the wheel to come away from the core.

Any signs of damage to either wheels stop riding and get it replaced.

Inspect the wheels before you ride especially the back wheel as this wheel will take most of the hammering!


So there you have it. Bet you thought buying a scooter wheel was just based on the colour and design!!

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