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Scooter / Skate Helmets

Whether you are just starting out or consider yourself an expert a helmet is a must when riding a scooter.  Taking a fall may damage your pride but don't let it damage your head!  A scooter helmet offers good value for money and is a great addition to any scooter purchase.

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SFR Helmet Adjuster with Dial

SFR Helmet Adjuster with Dial£2.95   £1.45

SFR Essentials Helmet - Green

SFR Essentials Helmet - Green£17.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Helmet - Matt Black

SFR Essentials Helmet - Matt Black£17.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Helmet - Matt Blue

SFR Essentials Helmet - Matt Blue£17.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Helmet - Metallic Red

SFR Essentials Helmet - Metallic Red£17.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Helmet Metallic Purple

SFR Essentials Helmet Metallic Purple£17.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Sticker Helmet - Black

SFR Essentials Sticker Helmet - Black£21.95   £9.95

SFR Essentials Sticker Helmet - Pink

SFR Essentials Sticker Helmet - Pink£21.95   £9.95

SFR Union Jack Helmet

SFR Union Jack Helmet£21.95   £9.95

Slamm Sticker Helmet - Black

Slamm Sticker Helmet - Black£21.95

Krash Video Head Helmet White

Krash Video Head Helmet White£59.95   £25.95

Nutcase Helmet - 8 Ball

Nutcase Helmet - 8 Ball£59.95


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

Looking back 15 or more years ago bike, scooter or skate helmets where not so popular and many kids may have avoided such forms of protective gear. 

Protective gear is an essential part of kid’s kit when they’re taking part in some sporting or leisure activities. Statistics show that not wearing a helmet increases the risk of a serious head injury or fatal crash by 14 times. Simply putting one on can reduce the risk of a brain injury by 88%, and the risk of fatality reduced by 75%.

Over the last decade or so with the explosion in the popularity of scooter riding, being seen with a helmet, particularly if you are partial to trick and stunt riding, is much more in trend and helmets come in a range of colours and designs to suit all.

SFR Helmets

Our SFR helmets not only help to protect heads from injury but also look ultra cool and some can even be personalised to add a unique feel to this essential piece of safety equipment. 

When purchasing a scooter helmet you need to ensure that it is correctly fitted to provide the maximum protection. The fit is vitally important and for this reason most scooter/skate helmets come in a range of sizes, and often also allow you to adjust the fitting further to deliver a secure fit.   

All of our SFR helmets come with dual sizing pads to customize your fit to ensure a safe, tight fitment and are available in the following size ranges:

XXS-XS (49-52cm)

S-M (53-56cm)

L-XL (57-60cm)

The Sticker Helmets come supplied with a sheet containing over 30 stickers, allowing hundreds of different combinations to create your own design and style ensuring no-one else has a helmet quite like yours.

Raskullz and Krash Helmets 

Raskullz and Crash set out to design kids helmets with a twist. These absolutely fabulous helmets should have a design for every rider and make wearing a helmet real fun.

The Raskullz Helmets should apple to the young riders of around 4-7 years in age where as the Krash helmets are aimed at older riders. From Cats to Mohawks these helmets really are something to look at and should mean kids want to wear them rather than the parent stressing they have to wear one.

So what’s inside? Each Helmet has an EPS inner shell for protection which means it’s inner is made of expanded polystyrene which is a great shock absorbing material. Cooling vents will help keep the head cooler so not so much of the itching sweaty head kids complain about in some helmets. An adjustable chin strap for a snug fit and the brand owners patented 3D technology, a soft rubber-based material that goes into making these unique and cool designs. The helmets also pass the UK safety standard: BS EN 1078 2012.


You may find the following guidance useful but also visit out scooter safety page for more ideas.

To fit correctly, a helmet should:

  • fit snugly, so ensure that it doesn’t move back-to-front or side-to-side
  • sit flat on top of your child's head. It should not sit at an angle or be tilted.
  • always be secured with strap and buckle underneath the chin that stays fastened secure.

If your or your child's helmet doesn't meet these requirements, see if you can make it fit better by adjusting the straps or applying any foam padding that came with the helmet.