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Scooter Clamps

Upgrading your collar clamp is a great way to give your scooter both a unique look and strengthen it at the same time.  Adding new clamps and personalising your scooter is more popular than ever.

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Crisp Quad Clamp - Purple

Crisp Quad Clamp - Purple£24.95   £12.49

District Double Light Clamp - Blue

District Double Light Clamp - Blue£11.95   £5.95

District Double Light Clamp - Red

District Double Light Clamp - Red£11.95   £5.95

District Double Light Clamp - Turquoise

District Double Light Clamp - Turquoise£11.95   £5.95

District Triple Light Oversized Clamp - Bronze

District Triple Light Oversized Clamp - Bronze£15.95   £7.95

District Triple Light Standard Clamp - Bronze

District Triple Light Standard Clamp - Bronze£15.95   £7.95

Slamm Dice Clamp - Blue

Slamm Dice Clamp - Blue£35.00   £12.95

Slamm Dice Clamp - Purple

Slamm Dice Clamp - Purple£35.00   £12.95

Slamm Dice Clamp - Red

Slamm Dice Clamp - Red£35.00   £12.95

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Collar clamps come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.  Which one you decide to go for is down to choice, but you should first check that the clamp will fit your bars when you replace it for new one. 

The collar clamp on a scooter holds the bars in place and offers strength to the joint.  Clamps come in several sizes and are named relating to the number of bolts they have, so a clamp with 4 screws are known as quad clamps, 3 screws as triple clamps and so on.  If you are looking to ride your scooter in a skate park and are starting out learning stunts and tricks then we would recommend a triple or quad clamp to provide more strength. 

A clamp can really change the style of your scooter, we love these funky dice clamps from Slamm which come with a shimm so they can fit standard or oversized bars. 

Watch this space for more clamps coming soon....