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Scooter Brakes

Upgrading your scooter brake can make a good deal of difference to both the sound you scooter makes and the way it slows you down. 

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Slamm Flex Brake

Slamm Flex Brake£7.95   £1.99

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There are 2 main types of brake found on scooter.

Spring Brakes

This type of brake is most common on scooters under around £100.  There are relatively cheap to replace and work on the principle of a spring mechanism holding the brake off of the wheel, which can be eased down onto the wheel when its pressed down.  The spring can snap or shear and may need to be replaced during the life of a scooter.  Because this type of brake is relatively easy to deploy it can often wear the wheel quite quickly.  This is called 'squaring' of the wheel or 'flat spots' and will mean that a wheel will need to be replaced.  This can be easily avoided by pumping the brake and trying not to skid when using the brake.

Flex Brakes ( flex fenders) 

These types of brake are usually found on the higher end models of scooters.  They are generally one piece and for this reason are dialed (make no noise) as there is nothing there to rattle around.  The are tougher to apply and may need some degree of 'breaking in' once fitted, or if indeed you buy a scooter with this type of brake already fitted. 

This Slamm Flex Brake is made from a carbon alloy that strikes the perfect balance between flex and strength.  It has support walls for extra strength and has a rugged matt black finish.