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Sacrifice OG Scooter Series - The Hustler and Player Scooters

The new Complete Sacrifice OG Hustler and Player range is the mid tier offering from one of the top brands in stunt scooters.  This range is perfect for both the new and intermediate stunt rider alike.  Solidly made, they're both extremely good for general scootering or performing tricks and stunts at the local skate park.

The Sacrifice OG complete scooters are the baby brother to the Flyte range and like it's older brothers, the OG Hustler and OG Player offers exceptional performance but at a more manageable price than the Flyte series.

Whilst initially known for its quality scooter parts, Sacrifice Scooters have been selling their own complete scooters for a while now.  The OG scooters have a lot in common with similar 115mm wide decks, the players is just slightly longer, same bars, clamp and break.  They differ in their headset/compression system set up and their wheels, with the Hustler's coming in at 100mm and the Player's at 110mm.


  Hustler Player
Headset Threadless with IHC   Threadless Double Sealed with IHC
Clamp 2 Bolt Clamp 2 Bolt Clamp
Deck 115mm wide x 500mm long

Integrated 115mm wide x 515mm long

Bars Steel, 550mm wide x 600mm high Steel, 550mm wide x 600mm high
Grips Sacrifice S Grips  Sacrifice S Grips 
Wheels 100m Aluminium Core 110m Aluminium Core
Break Super Sport Flex   Super Sport Flex  
Tape Camouflage City Scape

The Sacrifice OG Scooter - Hustler and Player range is the ultimate scooter choice for beginner and intermediate riders looking for a high end brand to perform those tricks and stunts on!