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The Ultimate in Mini Skateboards Penny has made a name for itself for building quality boards with a smooth ride.  Keep checking back for new colours...

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Penny Board 22'' Complete Tie Dye

Penny Board 22" Complete Tie Dye£104.95   £64.95

Penny Board 22'' Original Pink

Penny Board 22" Original Pink£79.95   £54.95

Penny Board 22'' Original Purple

Penny Board 22" Original Purple£79.95   £54.95

Penny Board 22'' Original Yellow

Penny Board 22" Original Yellow£79.95   £54.95

Penny Marbles 22'' Skateboard White Red

Penny Marbles 22" Skateboard White Red£89.95   £54.95

Penny Nickel 27'' Skateboard Blue

Penny Nickel 27" Skateboard Blue£94.95   £54.95

Penny Nickel 27'' Skateboard Purple

Penny Nickel 27" Skateboard Purple£94.95   £54.95

Penny Organic 22'' Skateboard Brown

Penny Organic 22" Skateboard Brown£54.95


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

Penny Skateboards are the ultimate in Retro Skateboards. They are the Original Cruiser and it's tough to find any other model that comes anywhere near to beating them.

Founded in Australia by at skateboarder called Ben Mackay, the design of the Penny Skateboard is based on the first board Ben ever rode back in the 80's.  Becoming absolutely hooked on boarding from the age of 5, over thirty years later Ben felt it was time to bring retro cruisers back to life with the beauty of modern design techniques.

With over 10 years experience in skateboard manufacturing Penny know exactly what it takes to make top quality boards.  The aim was to design a durable, fast and super responsive skateboard that rides well and is ultimately FUN! 

With the rising success of Penny within the skateboard market we can confirm that it's 'Mission Accomplished'!

Penny Models Explained:

Penny Original Skateboard

The classic skateboard which comes in a variety of fluoro colours with clashing trucks and wheels.   The deck is 22" x 6", with 3" wide performance branded Penny Trucks including 87A super soft yellow brushings.  The 78A urethane cored super smooth Penny wheels are 59mm in size, with Abec 7 high speed precision stainless steel bearings.  High tensile bolts are also used. 

Penny Marbles

A new twist, the classic set up but with an awesome marble effect deck offering a completely different look with the added bonus of no two decks ever having the same marble pattern.

Penny Organic

With a biodegradable deck that eventually breaks down when completely immersed in soil, the Penny Organic is for the more planet conscious amongst us. However don't let that fool you into thinking this board won't cut the mustard because until the day you bury it this board will last as long as you can.

Muted colour boards for the ultimate retro look, all boards come with a free hessian carry bag.


Penny just got bigger, the Penny Nickel is the 27" version of the Original for those seeking a larger deck.

Worth a note - All solid colour Penny Boards are made out of a solid colour material therefore will stay the same colour through wear and tear.  However boards like the fade series are hand painted so over time with use the paint will begin to wear off leaving the unique story of your ride!