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It seems 2012 was the year that all things British jumped back in fashion and scooters were no different. The British team of designers and developers at Mod Scooters have bucked the trend of being guided by Chinese factory standard items and created their own scooter filling the gap for high end, affordable yet durable scooters. With pure and simple graphics providing a unique retro British feel the trend to be seen on a ‘Mod’ is growing.

Mod has taken a standard design of a scooter and turned it around. It’s not re-inventing the wheel but logic! Their concept started from the skate park not from a folding push scooter and when you read the spec you will see that Mod seem to really have taken the time to create something awesome here.

The Models

Mod Lite V2

The beauty of this Mod scooter is that whilst it has 100mm wheels as standard, you can upgrade to 110mm wheels with no adjustment required to forks, deck or brakes.  The Mod Lite V2 has a threadless headset and triple collar clamp.  This is the updated version of the Mod Lite V1 and has an improved paint job and flex fender brake.

Mod Agent

Brand new and hitting the streets early 2013 this scooter is definately one those looking for a ride that takes your scooting to the next level.   With a awesome looking CNC hollowed quad clamp exposing the Mod brand logo,  whips and spins are a dream with its threadless forks and fully sealed headset.  Whilst supplied with a Hic system, the Agent scooter is fully compatible with both ICS and SCS if preferred.  

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