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Mod Lite Scooter

Mod scooters are taking the country by storm and introduced their first model, the Mod Lite V1 at the beginning of 2012. By September 2012 the Mod Lite V2 was ready to be unleashed. Designed by real riders, these guys have already had a major hand in developing other extreme sports equipment and the Mod Lite will not leave keen scooting enthusiasts disappointed. This model is aimed at starter/intermediate riders and with both metal wheels and threadless forks the Mod Lite Scooter looks to challenge both the Grit Elite and Slamm Fury  being more competitive in price.

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The Mod Lite Scooter V2

Perfect for those looking to progress their tricks this scooter is great for beginners or those looking to move on from the more basic scooters such as the Slamm Rage or Grit Extremist.   This scooter has been created with good quality components and modified to provide the look and feel of a top end scooter without breaking the bank.

This brand has created an advanced deck with improved geometry designed to allow both standard 100mm wheels and larger 110 wheels, something you are more likely to see on the much more expensive stunt scooters. Also some big improvements to the V2 model is the cut away deck section around the brake making maintenance far easier and reinforcement to underside of the neck section.

Similarly, they have dismissed the traditional spring brake in favour of a flex braking system.  This makes the brake more durable and with a dampener installed the stress on the metal is reduced. The Mod Lite V2 has a new shape flex fender with Mod branding applied.

A real focus point for Mod was the design of their threadless steel forks which have been created to fit both 100 and 110mm wheels.  Compatible with either ICS or SCS compression systems making them really versatile they are extremely durable.  When it comes to assembling the scooter it couldn’t be easier as they have welded the base of the forks and the star nut inside the bars.

Changing out bars is a common practice for young scooter riders leading to many redundant cheap bars hanging around in parents garages!  Mod hope to avoid this by fitting cool sleek aftermarket style bars. The bars are steel made Y bars with reinforcement and finished with comfortable rubber grips able to withstand extreme scooting and sweaty hands!  The Lite comes with a Triple collar clamp as standard.

Not wanting to scrimp on bearings as a way to reduce cost Mod has focused on quality and durability in the Mod Lite.  The wheels come with Abec 9’s as standard and the bearings also have a metal rather than plastic shields as this increases resilience.  These fit inside the 100mm 88a Metal Core wheels.  The 88a meaning that they are slightly harder than some scooter wheels out there.  

Mod Scooters feature the well re-known threadless Neco headset which is semi-sealed.  This means dust is much less likely to get inside and also makes life easier when it comes to tighten the headset for a more tighter ride.  It also reduces the levels of maintenance and means less tools are required!

To finish this all off the paintwork on the bars, clamp, brake, forks and deck has a premium metallic liquid finish generally only featured on £200+ scooter models.  With extra deep sockets on the axle bolts to resist rounding and allowing a tighter grip Mod scooters really have put the rider first when it comes to scooter design .

Following feedback on the V1 model the Mod Lite V2 model now has new internal packaging to reduce the risk of scratching or damage in transit.

Mod ensure that their scooters are tested to the highest standards, utilising both professional riders and the general public to ensure that they have devised very durable products that work as a person would want it to ride in the park.

Available in Red, Purple or Blue the only question left to answer is which one suits you?

The Bar clamp:

The bar clamp is designed to keep the front wheel aligned, so it's important to keep this tight. Always tighten each bolt a little at a time until all are fully tightened for best results.  Never use cheap or worn allen keys as this could round the bolt heads off.  Care must always be taken when tightening or loosening these bolts again to prevent them from rounding off.  Over time these bolts may become worn and may require a new dot of thread lock on each bolt to stop them rattling loose.  This should only be used if bolts are frequently becoming loose and should be used sparingly. The bolts are classed as a wearable part and are not covered by Mod Scooters in their warranty.


The fork is threadless and is held together to the scooter by the compression bolt (ICS).  Do not attempt to remove the fork without unscrewing the compression bolt as this will damage your scooter.  Using your scooter in the wet will rust the fork and problems may arise in the separation of the axle bolts or bars from the fork.

Compression bolt:

This bolt is found under the front wheel.  You will need to fully remove the front wheel to gain access to this bolt. The compression is called ICS and stands for Inverted Compression System.  It is a long M6 bolt which goes up inside the fork and into the bars where it threads into a star nut.

Cleaning your scooter.

When required wipe your scooter with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Never use chemicals to clean the frame or bearings.  Always dry after with a clean cloth. Using your scooter in the wet or in the mud will impair braking and wheel traction making it dangerous for the rider and could damage your scooter.