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A Mini Bike with BMX sized Fun!

The Mini BMX is here, and the massive craze for these bikes continues.  Rocker now have 2 models within their range that sit at different price points and are for different rider abilities.  Both of these mini little BMX's have been designed with perfect geometry and are easy to ride.

Mini Irok BMX Series (August 2014)

From late summer 2014 the Irok series arrived at a lower price point and slightly scaled down for younger riders.

The Irok bike is slightly lighter than the Rocker 1, having lost weight in forks, bars, frame and tyres, and is now just 9.5kgs.  These models have a lower back end and although the bars are the same height as the standard Rocker, because they are front loaded instead of top loaded they sit lower to the ground.  The gearing is different on the 2 models too, with the Irok having 30/14 instead of the standard 28/12 (a slightly lower gearing ratio meaning a quick acceleration, but harder to get to higher speeds) .  That said, the brand new design steel 3 piece wheels with very loud freewheel roll much better than the previous Rocker wheels for higher speed on ramps or just chilling.

Rocker Original - Now discontunued

Most of the Rocker original bikes have the same spec, but just vary slightly in price depending on the paint finish. These bikes come equipped with 28/12 gearing allowing the rider to reach speeds of 15 mph. Add to that the Pneumatic rubber 10" chunky tyres and steel 3 piece wheels with patented Rocker rear wheel hub and freewheel and you have a mini extreme BMX worth riding. This model is built to last and withstand the landings from tricks and stunts.

Mini Rocker BMX 2 (November 2014)

The Rocker 2 came about from rider demand for a sleeker more serious bike that can handle bigger tricks and higher speeds.

Firstly,  the weight has been reduced by a whole 2.5lb from the original Rocker. This model also benefits from a loud 9T driver with 28T front sprocket allowing for higher speeds (up to 20mph) and a whole lot higher airs! For those of you who can achieve the higher airs there's going to be more impact on the bike when landing so this model also has a new 3-piece crank which can take the loaded landings. Spinning is now easier with the shorter back end and softer compound wheels will give you the edge to try bigger stunts.  Add to this precision sealed wheel bearings for lower rolling resistance and Rocker2 becomes the new benchmark in Mini BMX extreme riding.