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Junior Stunt Scooter Package

Our amazing deal offers the benefit of a Junior Stunt Scooter and a Full Size Scooter in one package.  Perfect for the under 8's seeking a stunt scooter with a smaller bar height. 

Your package will come with two bars, a lower height junior bar to use first, then the standard sized bar for when the rider grows. Additional quad clamp and grips are also included. Simply choose from our range below.

We also have junior stunt scooter models that are not in a package deal. Click here to see models. 

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Bar height is a major concern for younger riders on full size stunt scooters. Our best-selling beginner stunt scooter, the Slamm Rage Classic & Urban both have bars that are 23 inches (58cm) tall and stand 30 inches (76 cm), from the deck where the rider stands to the top of the bars. These scooters are recommended for 8+ year olds. It can be really tricky for shorter riders to feel in control of the scooter if the bars are to high and may put them off scooter riding altogether. However investing a mini stunt scooter can be expensive because they often cost as much as a full size one, and once your child has grown out of it this may feel like a waste of money.

Our package will allow you to initially use the Low bar with the Slamm Rage Classic or Urban deck whilst your child is under 8 years old. The Low Bar is 20 inches (50cm) inches tall and stands 26.5 inches (66.5cm) from the deck. The overall weight of the Junior set up is 3.81kgs. Once your child reaches 8 years old or grows sufficiently to require the Rage Urban/Classic full size bars you can easily swap them over.

The Low Bar we provide also comes with a standard quad clamp.

Adding and removing bars is really easy and simply requires tightening/loosing the bolts on the clamp with the allen key provided. Just make sure you tighten each bolt in turn one rotation at a time to ensure even pressure through the clamp when you tightened it back up.

This Junior Stunt Scooter Package is a great investment and could easily take a younger rider from 5 years old right through to 12 years and above, if all parts are well cared for.