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JD Bug

The original and still one of the most popular scooters sold in the UK.  The classic model has been around for over ten years now and still remains one of the best value scooters you could buy in terms of durability and safety.  Apart from the classic there are a few other models in this range that gives you a more stunt scooter look yet remains a folding scooter.

JD Bug have been manufacturing and selling kids scooters in the UK for over ten years now, since around 2000. They have proved themselves to be one of the most popular folding scooters sold in the UK. JD Bug makes scooters to last by using quality materials that feels solid yet lightweight underfoot.

There are three main categories that the JD Bug Scooters fall into. The Classic or Folding range, the Pro series and the Pro Extreme series. To add to their portfolio JD Bug also manufactures training bikes and Eco scooters for the very young riders of today. JD Bug has led the way now for over a decade and produce safe sporting goods created through innovation and pioneering design teams.

The JD Bug Classic or Folding Scooter

This is where it all started for JD Bug. The JD Bug Classic became a huge success and still today remains a very popular scooter for younger riders. What makes this scooter idea for young riders is its folding mechanism meaning it’s very easy to carry and store. With its own carry strap attached on some models. Another factor that sets this scooter apart from similar or cheaper models is the safety tests it has passed. The JD Bug is renowned for being one of the safest scooters on the market for young riders. Due to the Bug's folding mechanism and how it operates, the chances of finger entrapment are virtually impossible. When you buy a JD Bug you can instantly feel the difference in quality compared to cheaper models and JD Bug scooters are built to last. As the child grows so can the JD Bug, with adjustable handles bars and numerous ways of customising the scooter. When the rider has progressed to learning tricks and stunt you can buy bolt up kits to stop the scooter from folding.

The Classic – MS105

JD Bug aims this scooter at anyone over the age of 5 years and it is definitely a great scooter to start out with. Once kids have reached the 8+ age they will generally have progressed onto stunt scooters or customised the original so that are built for landing tricks and stunt on. That’s not to say this model isn’t strong enough. It will support up to an adults weight. As this model is collapsible in terms of the handlebars folding down onto the deck it is not suitable for heavy tricks and stunts and could be unsafe to try them on this model. It is worth noting though that you can bolt up the folding mechanism to make the scooter more suitable for tricks and add strength to the down tube.

This model comes with a carry strap which is extremely useful for getting the scooter home after dropping the kids at school. It’s definitely lightweight enough to carry.  Another great feature with this model is also the adjustable handlebars so the scooter grows with the rider.

The Original JD Bug comes in a unique matt aluminium finish with colour options on the hand grips, deck tape and wheels.  The wheels and bearings are good quality. Although you should be warned that the craze to customise these scooters does mean hand grips and deck tape are frequently changed.

Make it your own

The latest craze once you have your scooter is to then customise it. Make it stand out from the rest and make it your own. Customising your JD Bug is simple from the inexpensive way of buying funky deck tape and hand grips to the more expensive options of new bars and decks. Or you have the somewhere in between options of upgrading wheels to alloy core and stacking clamps.