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Grit Terra Scooter

Grit Terra - The first Dirt Scooter model from Grit Scooters.

So with the trend in Dirt Scooters still with us the team at Grit have launched their own Terra A/T Dirt Scooter. This model is sure to be a sell out because not only have you got a world class name behind it, it also comes in at an affordable price. Grit are renowned for making quality products and giving great customer service. So what are you going to get with this dirt scooter?

Deck- Pretty much along the lines of a top end Grit Scooter deck but wider at 5 inches. Reinforced with 6061 heat treated alloy means you get a strong deck that can take the landings. Being concave you get greater control and having grind rails you get to perform more tricks and stunt. 

Wheels- 4 inch wheels with split rims, means more of the rubber is going to be in contact with the terrain. This will also help spread the wear of the wheel. Alloy cores offer extra strength. 

You also benefit from a hidden internal compression system and sealed head set bearings for less maintenance. A quad clamp is going to give strength in the down tube where needed and the brake in flex for a smoother ride.

All in all if you are after a dirt scooter you won’t go much wrong with the Grit Terra.