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The Grit Elite Scooter takes riding up a level

Grit produce the Elite intermediate scooter for riders looking for something special.  The hugely popular Elite has been updated a few times over the past couple of years and the current version now is the 2018 model.   So what do you get?

Deck - The deck on this model is now 4.5 inches wide and 19inces in length, with 3 Degree Concave for superb foot control and Integrated Grind Rails so the bottom of the deck works as one.  Fitted with a Skeletonized down tube first featured on the 2014 model,  it looks sick and you get a saving in weight.

Grit use 6061 heat treated alloy on most of their scooter decks but what does this actually mean?  Without getting too boring 6061 alloy is a type of aluminium which has a general purpose usage and has good weldability.  This is dead handy when it comes to scooters because you need a really strong connection where two or more parts of metal join together.  Also important if you are using the scooter for stunts!  Further to this, heat treating the weld as this Brand do, helps to strengthen the joint even more.  6061 alloy is also commonly used on airplanes, suba tanks and the construction of yachts so as you can tell it's pretty strong stuff.

Bars - These bars have been updated for 2017 and make the Elite look more slick and tuned than before.  They come in at 530mm wide and 580mm high making them some of the tallest bars you will find on a standard stunt scooter. The grips on these latest Elites are new two toned bar grips which have Bar Plugs to help protect the ends of the bars.

Compression - HIC stands for Hidden Compression System and this set up is commonly used on oversized bars.  This type of compression system uses a starnut inside the fork bars with a shim which sits around the outside of the forks. On top of this is the top cap.  The compression bolt is screwed into the top of the fork tube, through the headset cap and into the startnut.  Threadless headsets are favoured because they don’t compromise the strength of the fork tube.

Fork - Hi Tensile with the same HIC Compression as before.  Hi Tensile means the material used has been tested to breaking point and if classed as Hi Tensile it’s going to be strong.  So in theory your forks aren’t going to snap when you land your stunts.

Wheels - Expertly designed they are 110mm PU, 88A Alloy core with slotted cut outs.  

At approximately 3.4kg this is a pretty lightweight scooter too so getting air to those halfpipes should be no problem!

All in all it feels like the design look of the Grit Elite Scooter has really been given some thought from top to bottom.  Overall for a stunt model, here at Stunt Scooters feel this scooter is a successful upgrade as it has a lot more slicker look and could easily be mistaken for a lot more expensive model.  If you are looking to upgrade to a scooter for around the £150 mark then we would totally recommend this model for any grade of rider.