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Dirt Scooters

Bored of just riding in skate parks? Looking for something a tad more extreme? A Dirt Scooter could be just what you are looking for.

This brand new discipline is about taking the scooter to a level never seen before. This is hard riding on a scooter built to take a real pasting, with wheels that will allow you to simply eat up all types of terrain.

On these dirt scooters you can join the likes of the BMX riders on dirt jumps and show them how it’s done. The beauty is that you can come straight off the mountain or dirt track and still use it in skate parks or on the streets to do regular crazy stuff.

So what makes a Dirt Scooter different from a standard stunt scooter?

Perhaps the most obvious difference is the tyres. Inflatable rather than hard rubber, they have a greater circumference than standard scooter wheels making it much less likely to jar when going over uneven terrain, be it rocks and mud, or curbs and pavements.

To provide the robustness required for taking it off road you will find that dirt scooters are generally made of pretty tough stuff. Heat treated aluminium and Cro-Moly steel are key components for these rides. The deck is generally wider than a standard scooter too, making it easier to jump on and off of, as well as helping you to stick to it when getting air!

With an increasing number of brands branching into Dirt Scooters this sport is growing in popularity.

Crisp DX

Coming off the back of their massive success with their standard complete scooters, Crisp are now taking a bite out of the All Terrain market.  This Crisp Dirt Scooter has an RRP of £190 making it neither the cheapest or most expensive model. A real bonus though is it's weight at only 5.5kg making this the lightest Dirt Scooter we sell.

Grit Terra

Grit are an awesome brand well known for their quality scooters.  Priced just under the Crisp model with an RRP of £170 these similar models provide riders with more variety in this growing sport. Only 5.8kg in weight.

Phase Two

One of the first brands to bring out a Dirt Scooter this model from Phase Two was designed by a pioneer of the sport, John Radtke.  A heavy weight all terrain scooter with an RRP of £250


Royal have an awesome version with their Scout Pro, and with their wealth of experience in designing top quality Mountain Boards we don’t think you will be disappointed.