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Crisp’s first scooter, the Ultima is still a favourite.

The Ultima is a Crisp model known as it's best-seller and this reflects the time invested in developing this high standard scooter.   Whilst it looks eye-catching, it isn't just about the looks so much as producing a scooter that matches up to the demanding needs of the freestyle rider of today.  Factors such as weight, balance, strength and ride are taken into account to produce the ultimate machine.  As they say ‘freestyle scootering is a real action sport’ and they in turn are an action sports designer. These scooters are born to ride and not just look pretty.  We have slashed the prices of the 2014 current version in anticipation of the arrival of the 2015 Ultima scooter, so bag a bargain will stocks last!

Looking for something a little bigger, try the Crisp Ultima 125 for a Crisp Scooter that riders in their teens adore.


Features of the Ultima 2014

Deck - The foot plate now has boxed sides which helps retain strength whilst reducing the overall weight of the deck. The flat bottom surface also allows for smoother grinding.  The deck remains 3 degrees concave (curving slightly inwards) and 4.2 inches wide (that’s 10.7cm for the younger generation!), providing firmer foot control when riding and pulling tricks. The deck is 50.8cm (20") long.

Scooter decks vary in price range but normally the more expensive the deck the better the quality you will get. As scooter decks are landed on from tricks and stunts your weight will put force on the deck. Some decks can snap under this sort of pressure. Not what you want! The majority of decks are made using alloy mixes and as a rule the higher you pay for a deck the higher the alloy content and grade, therefore giving you a much stronger deck. There is an optimum mix of alloy which works best for freestyle riding and this optimum mix is used only in the top-end decks. The Crisp deck is made to these high standards and comes complete with grind channels. 

Down Tube - Much like the more expensive model from this brand, the Evolution, the Ultima has been updated to include a double D down tube for increased weld length and strength. This helps make an already sturdy scooter even more robust.  New for the 2014 model is the Infinity Down Tube which increases the overall deck length by 2.5cm and gives added strength in this area of the scooter.  The Head Tube is angled at 82.5 degrees.

Forks and Headset – This model has a Semi-integrated sealed Neco thread-less headset so very little, if any, maintenance will be required. These are pre lubricated with quality lubricants. They are easier to put together and have a long life span. It also gives a super slick motion of the bars and deck. Removing the factory seals yourself is not recommended as you will need specialized machinery for the job. 

This model now boasts an HIC compression system instead of the ICS seen on earlier versions, helping to ensure there is no bar wobble and movement when landing stunts.

Brake - The 2014 version retains it's SST Flex Fender brake which sits directly on the deck and is made of flexible metal making these types of brakes far more reliable than spring based ones.

Clamp - The ultra-strong quad clamp offers extra strength to the scooter.

Bars - This latest model now has Crisps own Super Sonic oversized 34.9mm Y bars.  Fashioned from 4130 Chromoly they have triangular gussets for added strength and are slightly taller and wider than the earlier models at 21.7 high x 20.9 wide inches. 

Chromoly steel is a metal used in the likes of aircraft that is lightweight yet super strong. Used to make scooter bars it means they can be made stronger to take the pressures of stunt landings yet the scooter can remain light in weight.  The bars are finished with popular moulded Freestyle ridged design grips for added comfort.

Wheels - The Ultima has Crisp 110mm Contour wheels featuring a unique Aluminium Core design, and the popular 'Contour' Urethane moulding.  These wheels are made for high level riding, and are used by some of the world's top riders.  The hubs are machine CNC'd from billet 6061 alloy and incorporate a ridged system on the outer hub offering more adhesion for the 88a PU super high rebound tyre.  The tyre also has the squared park profile as preferred for park and stunt riding.  The wheels are fitted with Abec 9 bearings for a super smooth fast ride. The most important thing to remember though is you must look after them and maintain them to keep them at optimum performance.


Additional Features of the Ultima 125.

After the mass success of the Ultima, the bigger brother has been launched.   These two scooters have similar spec but with a few fancy improvements.

Upgraded Wheels - Larger 125mm 6 spoke wheels means a smoother and faster ride so all those speed demons out there will love this feature.  

Larger Bars - Measurements of the bars are 60cm x 60cm, meaning taller riders don’t get back ache.

Upgraded Deck - On this model the deck is 12.5cm wide which is a little wider than the standard Ultima scooter, providing more contact space and offering better control for tricks.

The overall weight of this scooter is 4.3kg, slightly lighter than earlier versions.


The final feature of the not mentioned above is the colour mixes. Within the range there should be something to meet everyone’s desires. Play it safe and stick to the original Ultima styling with the Sliver and Purple colourways, or go for the more colourful gold version proving hugely popular and a favourite here at Stuntscooters HQ.  All in all if you are looking for a stunt model that you can trust in the Crisp Ultima Scooter could well be your weapon of choice.