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High Quality Scooters – Crisp are always a favourite.

Crisp Scooters released their first models for sale in the UK in 2011.  Whilst originating from Australia, this premium brand is now highly sought after and gaining a huge following.  Ridden all over the country, and in professional competitions too, new models have been released over the years so there is now even more choice.

When setting up, their aim was to produce a durable ride of the highest quality, with an overall design that is so eye catching it really makes your head spin, and they have definitely achieved this. From the start of production it was all about getting the best materials and tools to produce the ultimate freestyle scooter on the market today. These scooters may not be as cheap as some manufacturers but you do get what you pay for and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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The Full Range of Crisp Scooter Models:

Blaster - Due March 2015, this scooter is the newest addition to the brand and likely to have a high demand due to the low price tag.  We will update you with more on the spec of this model as soon as we have the details.  Keep checking back...

Inception - First introduced in winter 2013 with several upgrades in the years to follow, its low price is a major hit for beginner and intermediate riders.

From June 2014 the upgraded Inception scooters came on sale and now benefit from a Mini HIC system and some awesome new colours.  Featuring alloy core wheels and a spring-less brake, this model has a lightweight build at just 3.5kg's, perfect for the younger enthusiast looking for a quality stunt scooter.  The 11 cm deck is concave with triple channels, a flat bottom and sides, and has a double D down tube for extra strength. 

Ultima – The hugely popular original model from this brand, each upgrade has seen it become even more awesome.   With the look and feel of a custom scooter the latest models come with some understated matt colour schemes as well as the extreme favourite in bright funky gold.  

This model boasts the same true oversized T bars as the higher spec versions from this brand and a fully integrated deck that is 2.5cm longer than the last, not to mention all-new infinity down tube for extra strength.  The 100mm wheels really set this apart from the Inception and although this adds to the overall weight of 4kgs it’s still a lightweight model.  The Ultima scooter has to be one of the best models in this price range and with Crisp scooters ability for producing top end hardwearing rides, these are going to be hard to beat.

Ultima 125 – Featuring similar popular spec to the standard version but with upgraded massive 125mm wheels, providing a smoother and faster ride.  The bars on this model are also a both higher and wider and the deck is also wider than the lower priced regular version making it perfect for teenage and older riders.

Evolution – Designed for intermediate and pro riders alike, this is the ultimate in top end Crisp scooter. Spec wise one of the main differences between this model and the Ultima is the one piece forged alloy fork. The fork has been made out of a single piece of aluminium then heat treated to reduce any weak points. This enables the forks to remain as light as possible because they are hollowed out, yet still give maximum strength.  Other differences include the 6061 heat treated alloy deck for maximum strength and the CNC open head tube which just looks way cool.

DX Dirt – Crisp's not only in the stunt market, they now also produce a Dirt model perfect for off roading, yet still totally usable in the skate park or pavements.  With sturdy pneumatic 200mm wheels this beefy ride will take you anywhere.

If you love riding stunts we have stunt scooters for sale from a range of scooter brands, suitable for kids of all rider levels.  However, with such a great reputation this brand is a top quality choice for any ability rider.  Continuing to deliver on performance and design, and now in 2015 with five different durable models in their range, which Crisp Scooter will you opt for?