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Crisp designed the Deluxe Evolution for Pro Riders.

The Crisp Evolution 2014 is the model that everyone has been waiting for.  Originally pushing £200 (though we currently have it on sale at an awesomely low price!), its not the cheapest model on the market, and it's been a while since this was updated, so what's new on this latest version? 

Deck -  For the latest model this has been revamped and now has the flat bottom and side favoured on more recent top end models.  It also comes in at 11cm wide with a longer feel to the deck made possible from the new infinity down-tube.  The deck itself isn't longer but the down-tube has been stretched giving an extra 2.5cm to the overall length from down-tube to the end of the deck.  Similar to the Ulitima this model has a concave deck to help control when performing tricks.

Wheels - The improved super high rebound wheels with 6 spoke alloy core come as standard now on the Evolution and as before these are the slightly larger 110mm.  This model comes with Abec 9 bearings as standard.

Clamp - Gone are the 4 and 5 bolts scs clamp and in comes a smaller double clamp with new 6mm bolts.  This doesn't mean the clamp has lost its strength as the new bolts are M8 (6mm) so stronger than on previous clamps and also have their own thread, so in the event of the bolts being stripped or damaged you only need buy new bolts which cost pence compared to a whole new clamp system.

A smaller clamp is also going to save on weight and helps this version to only weight 3.9kgs!  As long as it covers the slits going up the base of the bar it is going to do the job is meant to do, and these smaller clamps are now being favoured more and more by pro riders.

Bars - The last big change on the 2014 version is the new oversized T-Bar which is in keeping  with all the new Crisp models and certainly a very current trend.  The bars come in at 55cm (21.66 inch) High, 52.5Ccm(20.66 inch) Wide and they stand 80cm (31.54 inch) from floor.

Forks and Headset - The forged alloy forks provided all the strength you need in this ultimate model and with a integrated fully sealed headset, maintenance is kept to a minimum.  The cut out head-tube gives the design a really unique look.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro rider, this model is just one of three Crisp Scooters for sale on this website, robust enough for both recreational riding and performing stunts and tricks in the skate park.  Make sure you click the images above to get a real close up on any one of the three colour choices.  The paint job on the Crisp Evolution scooters is as superb as its dialled, well balanced ride.  Grab yours fast, as we have slashed our prices in readiness for the brand new 2015 range.