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Crisp DX Dirt

Crisp DX Dirt Scooter- The first Dirt Scooter from Crisp Scooters.

Crisp are renowned for making quality, top end scooters so it comes at no surprise that they have brought out the Crisp DX Dirt Scooter.  With it being a Crisp model you can expect the same high spec and quality materials that they use in their stunt scooters. 


With a concave Deck you should be able to gain greater control of the dirt scooter and this model comes with alloy forks for strength in an area that can be prone to buckling form harsh landings. 


200mm pneumatic with alloy rims for strength. 


Dirt Scooters on a whole will be heavier than a standard Stunt Scooter, however this model comes in at only 5.5kg not much more than your average trick scooter.  


Oversized with outside diameter of 34.9mm, height and width 60cm x 60cm. Made from 4130 Chromo and  T bars in style.