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All New Entry Level Crisp Blaster Scooter, the cheapest model in the 2015 range.

The Blaster from Crisp is a new base level scooter, at the lowest price of any model they have ever produced!  As a result these rides are flying out fast and seem to be a firm favourite with both kids and parents alike.  From such a strong brand name you might expect some fantastic features on this model, and you wouldn't be wrong!  With such great spec at a superbly low price the Blaster could just be the perfect scooter for beginner stunt riders.  

Deck - With a relatively wide deck at 114mm (4.5") and 482mm (18.9") long, the triple channels in the build help to keep the structure strong yet lightweight.  Usually a common feature reserved for more expensive models the Blaster scooter features a concave deck.  This degree of concave helps riders to have a higher level of control because it aids the connection between feet and deck.  With a flat bottom and sides there is much less risk of ankle cuts, and the D shaped down tube also helps keep this model robust. 

Bars - These bars are made with high tensile steel and are in a classic T bar shape which is so popular with trick and stunt riders.  At 540mm (21.25") high they are around average height within the wide range of stunt models we stock.  Again, with about an average bar width at 500mm (19.7") this means that you don't need to over stretch to get a comfortable, stable hold on these bars.

Wheels - Alloy Core wheels are a huge feature on this model and a rarity to be seen on such a low priced ride.   The Crisp 100mm wheels are super high rebounds meaning they are perfect for the park and riding on ramps.

Brake - With SST spring-less brake helps to stop the Blaster in a smooth fashion and without too much wear on the wheels.  Flex brakes are also favoured over spring brakes because they also rattle a lot less.  Younger kids may find it slightly harder to brake with flex brakes at first, until the metal flexes a little over time.  

Headset - Another superb feature on this scooter is that a Hidden Internal Compression system is included.  This compression system give riders the easy ability to adjust the rate of rotation of the bars, allowing them to spin faster.

Forks - The fork in this model is made from high tensile steel and looks stylish with cut out sides allowing a view of the wheel through the edges of the forks.

Weight - Pretty lightweight at just 3.8kgs (8.3lb) younger riders will be able to handle the this model without finding it too heavy or cumbersome.

All in all this brand new entry model from Crisp is one of the best stunt rides out there, with regards to value for money.  Not only that, it looks sleek and grown up and kids will love the outstanding features and colour mixes available.  The Crisp Blaster scooter is leading the way for a new generation of superb models from this popular brand.