Why Buy a Balance Bike?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014  |  Stunt Scooters

When I look back at my own childhood it felt like I was out riding a bike from a very early age. So when I tried to teach my own children at about age 4 I was quite deflated when it just didn't happen for them.

Even with stabilisers on they seemed to tip up on every corner (and going over on stabilisers is far worse than without if you've ever seen it!).  Some kids just don't have the balance at that age. But in fact, when I spoke to my parents about it, turns out I didn't actually start riding a bike until I was 7!

Many parents, myself included, all seem to want their kids to be much more able at an early age these days. Perhaps it's a little bit of 'keeping up with the Jones' kid's next door' who were crawling first, walking first and scootering down to the shops by age 2!

Talking with other parents, one tip I did pick up which seems to make a lot of sense (and I wish I'd known about earlier) is to help them balance first, then add pedals later.  And it's that idea which led to the creation and subsequent surge in demand for balance bikes.

From the basic cheap plastic ride on's, to themed character ones, to real quality models crafted well enough to be handed down through the family, balance bikes are a fabulous way to get your kids starting to understand seated balancing whilst on wheels BEFORE having to think about (or have their ankles shredded by!) pedals.

In fact, with my second child I actually ditched the stabilisers half way in and went right back to basics with a borrowed balance bike.  I was amazed at how quickly my son's confidence grew as he wobbled down the slight incline outside our house (and actually had a smile on his face, rather than the look of sheer panic!) 

Here at StuntScooters.co.uk, following our belief that pedal-less bikes are an awesome learning tool for kids, we now stock Wishbone Bikes.  These beautiful balance bikes are of the utmost quality and are actually 3 bikes in one, which is great as we admit that they are not cheap!  However, if you have more than one child or plan to sell on after use, all Wishbone products are made with superb craftsmanship that will last and last.  Part of their desire is that the bikes start life as a trike so can be used from a really early age.  The three wheeler bike can then simply adjusted to a 2 wheel balance bike and again converted to make a higher ride position for older children.

I only wish I had this product in the warehouse when my kids were younger!  They both mastered it in the end... but I'm sure I have a few more grey hairs as a result!!!