Which Stunt Scooter? - A Parents Guide

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Here we aim cover:

  • What to look for when buying a stunt scooter.
  • Which models available on our website offer the features you are looking for.
  • What you can expect for within your price bracket.

What to look for when buying a stunt scooter.

Below we have listed some of the key features of a scooter and what to look out for when considering which scooter to buy:

Bar height- A stunt scooter has fixed bars (that won’t fold) and are not adjustable, making them more robust. You will find the bar height listed on our product pages and most stunt scooters come in between 19 and 23 inches. Bars can be cut shorter after purchasing, but we would recommend that this is only carried out by a professional as they may need to be re-threaded or adjusted to fit safety. If you are unsure about bar height and how high they should be on a rider check out our page on Scooter Bars.


Need shorter bars for the Young Rider? then VIST HERE for more information on our Slamm Rage Package deal with Low T Bar. 


Wheel Cores - Stunt Scooters under £100 mostly have nylon core wheels.  Scooters over £100 mostly have metal/alloy core wheels. The Grit Extremist Pro at £89.50 is one exception, this Limited Edition has metal wheels. Nylon is fine for younger, lighter riders not yet dropping from heights. Wheels can be purchased separately and upgraded at any time.

Wheel Size Most stunt scooters have standard 100mm wheels. Sometimes more expensive stunt scooters have 110mm wheels. Some scooters such as the MOD Lite at £119 RRP will need no adjustment to upgrade to 110mm. Younger kids scooters often have larger wheels for easier control. 

Headset - Scooters under £100 mostly have threaded headsets. Over £100 you can expect a threadless headset. The headset allows the smooth turning of the bars. Threadless headsets are favoured by pro riders because they dont compromise the strength of the forks.  The Slamm Mischief is the exception at £89.50 with a threadless headset.

Brake – On scooters under £100 you can expect a spring brake. Spring brakes are nice and easy to use, but can be prone to rattling and can easily be over used. Above £100 you will likely get a flex brake.   Again the Slamm Mischief is the exception under £100 and featuring a Flex Brake.

Weight – The lighter the better, so no surprise that generally the more you pay the less it weighs.

Bar clamp – Holds the bars to the forks. Graded by the number of bolts used and can range from single through to quad clamps at the top end. Obviously the more bolts the more robust the joint.

Bar Grips – Most stunt scooters come with Rubber grips and can be in different styles such as BMX, under £55 they are likely to be foam providing less grip but perfectly soft for little hands. 

Concave deck – This makes tricks and stunts easier to control and only really seen on top end scooters.  The Grit Elite at £129.95 RRP is the cheapest stunt scooter we sell with a concave deck.

Paint Finish – Anodised means tougher so less likely to scratch.

Top end scooters - Scooters over about £150 offer highly reinforced deck/bars/forks, will often have sealed headsets meaning less maintance, be made of lighter weight materials and include extra features like grind channels on the underside of the deck. 


What to expect within your price bracket.

Below we have listed an overview of the sorts of features you might expect for your money.  Please note that there are always exceptions to this as we have highlighted above, this is just a to give you a general feel for what you can expect.



  Under £55

  £60 - £100

  £100 - £130

  £130 - £250

  Bar Grips
























  Quad/5 Bolt







Monday, 19 November 2012  |  21:00

Such a helpful article for finding a scooter for my son's 8th birthday. Thanks!

Iasiff Ganchi
Tuesday, 20 November 2012  |  14:44

An idiots guide to stunt scooters. Tells you all you need to know when looking to buy for the first time. Excellent and very helpful advice.

Yvonne Stevenson
Tuesday, 20 November 2012  |  21:30

Thoz guide is fab. I have always let my older son go online and choose his own scooter and then pay for it because I didn't know what I was looking for... Now it's time to get the younger one a scooter I'm a lot more educated so thanks

Tuesday, 4 December 2012  |  22:15

This guide is so helpful and easy to understand, particularly for a non scooter parent! Thank you

Wednesday, 5 December 2012  |  21:53

As a newcomer to stunt scooters, your web site has been illuminating. Really helpful and I know what to buy off you for my 9 year old now! Slamm Urban Rage here we come!