What’s the difference between a Standard, a Stunt, and a Street Scooter?

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Essentially all scooters come with the same basic make up. You have a deck or footplate upon which you stand, wheels to allow you to move and a brake to stop you, forks and bars to hold and allow you to direct the front wheel, a headset to allow movement of the bars and a compression system and clamp to hold everything in place.


Standard Kids Scooters

These scooters are made for basic riding and are generally used on the pavement or paths in parks. The materials used are not necessarily high standard because they are usually used by young lightweight riders who are not likely to put excessive strain on the components. Standard kid’s scooters, can be used in the skate park on jumps and ramps but will not often have the strength required to withstand this type of riding and impact. Additionally standard scooters are usually fitted with a folding mechanism making them perfect for storing and carrying around, however, this does result in a point of weakness within the scooter and should be considered when riding hard.



Stunt Scooters

A stunt scooter is designed with scooter/skate park riding in mind. As a result you should find that the various components may well be reinforced and are likely to be made of much tougher and often lighter weight materials such as Chromoly. Because this style of scooter is often landed upon from heights, or spun through the air it is important it provides you with the confidence  that it is not going to collapse, crack or fall apart underneath you. Wheels on a stunt scooter are often metal core rather than plastic to also help withstand impact. Compression systems and headsets are important to ensure bars spin freely and decks can be concave to provide extra control. Brakes are often flex fenders rather than sprung to reduce rattle and provide a more dialled ride.


Street Scooter

This style of scooter is increasingly popular over in the States and is also making a big move in the UK. Street scooters are great for pulling tricks and stunts on your average street and you will find that they are made from materials that will grind better on regular obstacles such as kerbs, concrete and wood. AO scooters, a top end brand has come up with the great idea of being able to actually replace the underside of the deck. Made with a super tough plastic/nylon material, which not only protects your deck but enables you to effortlessly grind anything, they even claim that these replaceable grind plates give you more control on metal rails.  The advantage of a street scooter is that you don’t need to rely on someone taking you to the stake park to have fun.


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