What are Stunt Scooters

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Looking for help? When it comes to Stunt Scooters, unless you are a pro rider then choosing the “one” can be a minefield. Check out our Scooter Information blog for more help in choosing the best scooter for you or your off spring. Still unsure, then contact us or give us a call? We’ll do our best to make sure you understand what you are getting for your money and what type of scooter best suits a certain age range.

Why buy a kids scooter?

Look around you in any town or city in the UK and you will see that kids scooters are everywhere. Whilst scooters have always been a fun child's toy over the last 5 or 6 years they have really taken off in terms of popularity and design with many youngsters now considering them a must have.

What was once a heavy clumpy lump of steel with fat (and I don't mean phat!) inflatable wheels nowadays come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. From the 3 wheel toddler mini micros right through to the lightweight and toughened up stunt scooters, and it's not just children that scoot these days either. With many of the top scooter brands having their own professional team of riders, stunt competitions are cropping up all over the country, not to mention lucrative sponsorship deals, riding scooters can be a way of living.

Riding a scooter can bring about a great sense of achievement for a child in addition to a degree of independence for the older kids. The health benefits cannot be under estimated either and this is a great way to get out doors and away from gaming or the TV for a couple of hours.

What are stunt scooters?

Stunt scooters are generally aimed at roughly 8+ year olds and the emphasis is more about the weight and strength of the bars and deck, as well as the quality of the wheels and bearings. If you are performing stunts and tricks you want to be confident that your scooter is not going to let you down and break or collapse underneath you. For this reason you will also find that they do not have the foldable bars that you see on standard or younger children's scooters.

Stunt scooters will often also have better quality grips both on the deck and handle bars providing you with more comfort when performing tricks. Some riders prefer to customise their scooter both to improve its appearance and also to help toughen it up. There are a wide range of accessories available on the market to help you do this, giving you a unique appearance and style.


Popular Stunt Scooter Brands

Sometimes it’s all about the brand and getting the wrong scooter can be a costly mistake. Some of the most popular brands right now are listed below. Don't forget to visit their pages on our site for much more information about their models.

Slamm Scooters – UK based, several models in their range and great for the younger rider. They are reasonably priced but tough stunt scooters. Slamm often bring out limited edition designs meaning you get a scooter not many other people have. One of the most popular brands we sell, Slamm keep on top of the game and know what riders want from their rides.

Grit Scooters – Grit has produced some top ranking scooters and is one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the UK. Designed for stunt riding and the extreme rider Grit will have a model for you. Grit keep ahead of the game, more or less upgrading their range each year.

Crisp - A newish brand from Australia that is known for its craftsmanship and use of the best materials. Crisp Scooters are all about the design look and most importantly the top end spec. With a great team behind them in all areas of the business these scooters are made for the best riders who want the best stunt scooter.

Mod – A new UK brand established in 2012. With a UK team of designers and riders the MOD Lite scooter was developed. The MOD lite has all the hallmarks of quality and good spec. With metal core wheels and ICS compression system with scooter is great value for money for those looking up upgrade to better components. The MOD Lite V2 is the upgrade on the V1 and was introduced for Autumn 2012.

There are other top end brands like Sacrifice and Lucky who have been in the game a long time and predominately produce scooters aimed at the Pro rider.


Whatever you are looking for in the scooter world we aim to assist you in making the right choice, so that you can take fast delivery of a scooter you can be proud of.