The Perfect Junior Stunt Scooter?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014  |  Stunt Scooters

Here at we often get asked about stunt scooters for the younger rider.  So much so that we have become specialists in this area, creating our own package for the stunt riders under 8’s.  

It did seem as though quality brands like Slamm and Grit had forgotten that we are now dealing with a scooter generation. Kids that have been riding scooters since they were 2 years old don’t want to wait until they are 8+ to fit a stunt scooter and start becoming tricksters in the skate park.

However, that is all set to change following the arrival of the Grit Atom 2015.  This newbie model makes us here at very happy because at last we can say YES!


Yes, this is a stunt scooter,

Yes, the bars spin 360 degrees,

Yes, its so light it only weigh 3.3kgs

Yes, the bars on this scooter are only 500mm high, so baby shredders will not only be able to reach them, they will actually have some control over steering the thing!

And yes, yes, yes...


all that for under £60!


Of course, we have begged the guys at Slamm Scooters to bring back their popular Tantrum (the mini version of the Slamm Rage) for the last 2 years… and they have finally given in to us, so this Xmas parents don’t just have the choice of one junior stunt scooter, they have a choice of two!  (plus, our package deal is still running, for the optimum choice and flexibility.)

Never let it be said we don’t work hard for parents of younger shredders!

We love the Grit Atom, but click for the Grit Atom Scooter full range to check the scooters out for yourself.