Stunt Scooters for the Under 8's

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The speed at which children grow up these days is frightening and it may seem like no time since you were buying them their first 3 wheel scooter, yet now they are begging you for a stunt scooter, or something that can at least stand up to a few tricks and jumps. It's particularly the case if they have older siblings or you have a skate park nearby, then the younger kids are keen to join in and show that they can keep up with the big boys. Yet most stunt scooters are designed for the older riders and can be too large and heavy to handle for smaller children.

What stunt scooters are available for the under 8's?


There are a few brands out there that make stunt scooters for the younger rider, including JD Bug, Madd Gear and Slamm Scooters but before looking at the scooters that are available it's important to consider a few other factors before making your purchase.


What's important in a stunt scooter for the under 8's??


Price - Firstly if you are paying upwards of £50.00 for a scooter then you should be looking at one that includes fairly reasonable quality parts. From this price range on you know you are going to get a good scooter with decent materials.

Wheels - Whilst many of the bigger, professional scooters come with metal or alloy core wheels included this is not really a necessity for the under 8's. Alloy core wheels are certainly stronger than the plastic core ones that you will find on the cheaper stunt scooters but the weight and impact that a 5-8 year old is likely to inflict on the scooter means that metal is really not required at this age. It's also worth bearing in mind that wheels can easily be changed and upgraded at a later date if you really want to do so.

Deck- Similarly many decks on the top of the range stunt scooter are reinforced, but for a younger child's age and weight the standard construction will be just fine, so there is no need to spend big to get reinforced parts. Older/larger stunt riders worry that the decks will snap, but this is rare and these guys put a lot of force on their scooters dropping from decent heights resulting in great impact, unlikely to be carried out by the under 8's.

Forks/Headsets - Next there is the question of forks and headsets. Again at this age you really don’t need to worry too much about threaded or unthreaded forks and headsets. Most beginner stunt scooters have threaded, and unless the child is a lot older and performing some serious stunts, threaded will be just fine.

Bars - Bars too are pretty standard but you may want to consider bar height. Most stunt scooters do not come with adjustable handlebars. This is because two piece bars, allowing height adjustment, also weaken the frame of the scooter making it more likely to snap when performing stunts. However, at age 5-8 this would be pretty unlikely. Click here for more information on bar heights.

Weight - The weight of the scooter is potentially quite an important point to take into consideration. Younger riders would benefit from a lighter weight ride so keep an eye on this when making your buying choice. Most stunt scooters come in around 3.5-4.5kg.


So what exactly is on offer?


Slamm– Available from this brand is the Slamm Rage Urban or Slamm Rage Classic. Although the Rage is aimed at over 8 years old, you will find younger riders on them and they seem to do ok as long as the handlebar height of 23 inches or 29.5 inches from standing on the deck to bar grips, is not too tall for them. It’s not too heavy at around 4.5kg. At around the £75.00 mark for the Rage Urban (less for older models) this scooter really has proven a popular choice for starting out. The Rage Classic will retail at around the £60.00 mark and is sure to be just as big a hit as the Rage Urban with its slightly cheaper retail price yet same quality materials you expect from Slamm.


Due to the gap in the market of quality Scooters for the 5-8 year old we here at Stunt Scooters have put together a Slamm Package aimed at the younger rider with bar height in mind.


One of the most common issues young riders have is the height of the handle bars on full sized scooters coming up to high for them to take safe control of the scooter. So what we are offering is a full sized Slamm Rage Urban V5 with some low T Bars, clamp, and grips all in one package. This would mean you would start off putting the low T Bar and clamp on the scooter to give an overall height of 25.5 inches from the deck. When the rider has out grown these bars you then swap them out for the original bars that came with the rage urban giving an overall height of 29 inches from the deck. This is a great little deal as it not only solves the height issue you will be getting a scooter that could last many years.

Click here for full details of our Slamm Package for the Under 8’s.

Limited stock may still be available with some retailers of the Slamm Frenzy scooter. This model was designed with the under 7's in mind and is a light weight ride. The front wheel is slightly larger making it easy to handle and the bars are only 19.5 inches high. The deck is reinforced at 40cm in length. Unfortunately Slamm have discontinued this model which we think is a great shame as it filled the gap in the market for younger children keen for a scooter to look more like a stunt scooter.

For the full Slamm Rage Urban models click here. 

Micro MX – Micro, renowned for producing some of the best small kids scooters money can buy have recently introduced their stunt scooter range called MX Scooters. If your budget will stretch then the starter MX Trixx could well be the one to go for. With the best of both for young stunt riders this model is lightweight at around 3.6 kg and has the shorter bar height of around 27 inches from standing on the deck to bar grips.


Grit - Grit are also a really popular choice of scooter in the UK. The Grit Extremist is their entry level model of scooter and is aimed at the younger riders. This model is around the 4.5kg mark in weight so on the heavier side but does have shorter bars coming in at 21.5 inches or from standing on the deck to bar grips approximately 28 inches. This model does offer great value for money at around the £80.00 mark with some quality components.

Click here for the Grit Extemist. 

Madd Gear – Madd Gear Pro make great stunt scooters and are highly reputable in the scooter world. That said, Madd Gear seem to be for the more serious rider who is spending well over £100 on a scooter. They have the Beginners Pro model which is similar in cost to the Slamm Rage but slightly heavier, also officially for the 8+ category.


JD Bug – These are great starter scooters though may not completely fit the bill of a full stunt scooter because they have adjustable handlebars and are also are collapsible. This is great if you're the one carrying it home from school. They are of good quality and have a great reputation. Due to them being folding scooters though they may not be so suitable for performing tricks and stunts, although you can buy bolt up kits for them for when the rider advances to stunts to stop them folding. JD Bugs are around £50.00

View JD Bug folding scooters here. 

Of course, if the under 8's are using scooters to try out tricks and stunts then you should always ensure the appropriate safety equipment is used. For more details on this read our Scooter Safety article.

Finally we would always recommend that you check the warranty. Most scooter warranties will not cover damage caused by wear and tear, including tricks and stunts. Generally, scooters for the younger riders will not be as strong so be mindful that if the scooter gets a rough handling the less likely it is to last.< /p>