Stunt Scooter Tall Bars

1 CommentFriday, 28 March 2014  |  Stunt Scooters

Hi can you advise the height of the slamm phantom v2 blue? my son is a tall ten year old and I'm struggling to get a cool scooter with the height! most seem to be around 81cm max i wonder if thats best gets? thanks



Hi Vikki

Thanks for your contact. The Slamm Mischief Phantom stands at approximately 82 cm from the floor to bar grips.  Or about 74 cm when stood on the deck to bar grips.  On a Stunt Scooter bar height is pretty standard. Bar's themselves are around 50-56cm as bar's are better lower rather than higher.

The lower the bars the better control the rider has and the better lift they are able to get when performing stunts.  If the bars are too high on a stunt scooter this can be dangerous as the rider has a lot less control.  So your son would be fine with any of the full sized stunt scooters. 

The biggest height bars I can think of would be on the Crisp Ultima 125 which have 60cm bars but also a wider deck so is for more cruising rather than tricks and stunts.