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As Scooters have become more and more popular so has the use of skate parks around the UK. Originally used by skateboarders, skaters or BMX riders the skate park now has a new addition – the scooter rider. Skate Parks are a great way to practise and perform tricks and stunts on kids scooters in a safe environment. Some of the larger skate parks will have everything a rider needs to perfect their skills and kids from pre-school age right up to young adults can be found using them. As things are hotting up in the scooter world we have begun to see the introduction of more and more parks, and more recently even purpose built indoor scooter parks being opened offering young people the chance to really get involved in this sport even when the British weather is at its worse! Below is a list of what typically could be found in skate/scooter parks and also links to some of the local council WebPages where you can hopefully find details about a popular park near to you. So grab your stunt scooters and try them out for yourselves.

Half Pipe- Called a half pipe as originally huge pipes were cut in half. Half Pipes of today are usually built out of wood, metal or concrete and range in height. They also can have an extended flat bottom.

Quarter Pipe- Half of half pipe makes a quarter pipe. You have one concave ramp extending onto a flat bottom area up to another concave ramp.

Mini Ramps- Smaller than a half pipe or quarter pipe.

Flat bar- A metal rail at ground level.

Grind Box- Usually a raised smooth rectangle platform that may or may not come with a steel edging.

Jump Box- Will have a smooth flat top surface with ramps either side, usually two quarter pipes.

Spines- Two back to back quarter pipes.

Flat Bank- An angled wall for which to ride on, these can vary in angle.

Vert Wall- Curved at the bottom going in to a vertical wall can be up to 16 foot high.

Hips- Usually two quarter pipes or flat banks, each with one edge at a right angle or a more aggressive angle to the other.

Pyramids – Four wedges placed in a pyramid shape.

Roll-ins- A sloping long ramp.

Hand rail- A rail can go with a staircase or may be extended off.

Funbox- A flat surface in the middle at the top which varies by height and area. Many different designs but usually surrounded by ramps and rails.

Foam Pits- Large foam blocks placed in a pit usually at the end of launch ramps for safety when perfecting new tricks.


Some UK Skate Park Links. (More to follow)

Bristol – Motion Ramp Park – Indoors

One Minet Park – Saffron Walden – First US Built Park in UK.

Kent – Revolution – Indoors

Skaterham – Caterham, Surrey – Indoors

Harrow Skate Park – London

The House Skate Park – Sheffield

Adrenaline Alley – Corby


Want to build your own skate park? Check out this site for the chance to play about with some half pipes and bowls. They also sell portable ramps.

Why not also visit our Scooter Stunts page for help and tips on some of the most popular stunts that you will want to perfect at the skate park.

Tracey Thackeray
Thursday, 29 November 2012  |  11:43

this is great info i have being trying to find the name and info on the ramps so i can buy a suitable one for my nutcase of a son...... thanks again x

Saturday, 17 May 2014  |  21:10

Can anyone tell me where in surrey I can get one on one tuition for my four year old on his scooter

Stunt Scooters
Tuesday, 27 May 2014  |  21:10

Hi John
Sorry we are not aware where in Surrey you could get tuition for your four year old. Scooter tuition anywhere is hard to come by. Best bet would be to head to local skate parks and ask some of the riders.