Stunt Scooter Headsets

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The headset provides the rotation interface between the scooter forks and head tube.

There are two main types of headsets the Threaded or Threadless. Both are similar in their set up because you have a cup top and bottom with bearings inside in a race or cartridge.

Threaded Headsets

- Most standard price range scooters have threaded headsets. Only a few top end models will come with threadless as standard. That said threaded headsets are easy to maintain and for use with threaded forks. They use a screwing mechanism to hold everything in place and the headset cups press directly into the frame.

Threadless Headsets

- This type have no threading mechanism at the top and use a compression ring to hold everything in place. This style of headsets are used with threadless forks. Threadless Headsets are used with compression systems.  Lots of threadless headsets use cartridges instead of ball bearings as there is nothing to come loose and you get a smoother ride. Threadless headsets should be re-greased on a regular basis. Most pro riders upgrade to threadless headsets and forks.


Threadless – Sealed Headsets - These are the same as Threadless Unsealed but virtually maintenance free and removing these is not recommended.

Internal headsets

- These set ups are very similar to threadless headsets and work in the same way. The main difference with internal headsets are the internal cups press almost completely into the frame.

Integrated headsets

- These are becoming more popular and more widely used on scooters. With integrated headsets, a bearing (usually a sealed cartridge unit) sits directly into the frame eliminating the need for cups. With integrated headsets, it is not necessary to press cups into your frame, but it is important that you know what you are doing when fitting them. If in doubt seek out a professional trained to do the job.


Semi Integrated- An extension fits partially into the headtube and the Bearings sit inside the headtube.

Fully Integrated – Unsealed- Everything sits inside the headtube and can’t been seen on the outside of the scooter.

Fully Integrated – Sealed- Same as Fully Integrated but virtually maintenance free.



• When you take apart a headset first off is the locking nut. Then the top cap followed by the forks popping out. Inside you will see the top cup with the top race and bottom race bearings or cartridge with the bottom race.

• The most important part of putting a scooter together is making sure the headset is correctly fitted. If fitted together incorrectly you could damage the scooter and you won’t get a smooth ride.

• If taking apart a headset it is so important that you note the way it comes apart and you reconstruct it in exactly the same way. It's also recommended you only use the correct spanners to do the job.

• Don't use fat hammers or screwdrivers to take apart your headset. Not only could you damage the scooter you could damage yourself at the same time!

• If you are cleaning your headset make sure you use quality grease probably purchased from a bike shop.

• Your local bike shop is the best place to go for replacing headsets if you are unsure of what you are doing.

• The biggest cause of damage to headsets is damp and wet as it can make them all rust up, so whenever possible don't ride in the rain- I know easier said than done in the UK!


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