Stunt Scooter for 8 year old for around 120.00

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Hi, I'm looking to buy a stunt scooter for my 8 year old. He's 140cm tall (waste height at 80cm) and will be riding some ramps as well as street. We have a maximum budget of about  £120.

Can you help with recommendations on brand (best quality within budget), also need some advice on height of scooter for safety etc?




The bars should sit around waistline or lower for full control of the scooter.  An average full sized Stunt Scooter has Bars that come in around 21-23 inches or 53-58cm. This is just bar height and you would need to add to that the height of the scooter wheels touching the ground up to the top of the headtube where the bars slot over to give a true picture of how high the bars come.   Typically a standard stunt scooter would stand from the ground to the bars 31-33 inches or 79-84cm high. So your son at around 80cm waist height should be fine with a full sized scooter.

I am not sure how serious your son is about riding at the moment but for his age some of things I think you may want to look for in a scooter spec wise.

Metal Core wheels if possible as these will last longer than PU wheels and take more punishment for landing tricks. Wheels can easily be upgraded though.

A flex break as they last longer than a spring break and you don’t get so much rattle.

For around the price you are considering you are probably going to get a threadless headset with a compression system. Threadless headset are going to offer a much more smoother ride and all pro riders will opt for this set up but at your sons age it wouldn’t necessarily be something he must have on his scooter, which would mean you could consider a cheaper model if you opt for a threaded headset.



Slamm have a really good reputation for quality scooters and we very rarely get any complaints about them.  This brand is aimed at the younger riders with the graphics on their scooters. To be honest you wouldn’t see many teenagers riding them as they would think the graphic are not “cool” enough, yet the younger riders think the graphic are “epic”.

The Slamm Mischief would fit within your price range but they do have a few different models of the Mischief out at the moment so quick overview.

Originally you had the Slamm Mischief which was released in 2012 and came in 6 colours. Blizzard, Grime, Haze, Inferno followed by the Hornet and Shadow in late 2012. This scooter was an upgrade on the massively popular Slamm Rage and at the time was the lowest priced scooter on the market to offer a threadless headset.

Christmas 2012 Slamm released the Limited Edition Mischief Ghoul which came in just two colour ways. Blue/Orange or Purple/Green. The upgrade being the addition of Alloy Ninja Star Wheels and new graphics.

Beginning of 2013- Slamm Mischief Eternal. This model comes in 4 colours named the Crawler, Crypt, Demon and Howler. The biggest difference to this model was the now 110mm wheels instead of the 100mm on the Mischief and Mischief Ghoul.  Again this makes this model as of release the lowest priced threadless with 110mm wheels. This model also had the addition of some tougher bar grips.

May 2013- Mischief Phantom. As with the Ghoul this upgrade gets the 110mm alloy wheels and new 360 bar wrap graphics. The wheels now placed on the Phantom are Slamm’s best wheels to date and are custom designed to give resistance to flat spots so should give you a longer lasting wheel.

Grit is another really good brand to consider. They are big in the scooter world and have a good reputation for serious scooters and are ridden by beginners and pro riders alike.

For your price range I would say the Grit Elite model would be a great choice at around £119.95. It was updated a few months back and has some improved upon spec. It has the alloy wheels, flex break and hidden compression system.

The last option may be the MOD Lite which although a new brand into the UK last year they have produced a really good scooter. My son age 10 rides this model and I can confirm it really is a smooth ride and a nice scooter. Again threadless set up, alloy wheels and flex break.

Elaine Cragg
Sunday, 27 October 2013  |  23:17

Please let me know the best and top of the range stunt scooter for a 6 year old boy

Stunt Scooters
Tuesday, 29 October 2013  |  13:15

Hi Elaine - Most Stunt Scooters are designed for kids 8 years and older. However, check out our Slamm Scooter package if you are seeking a stunt scooter for a younger child. This package should also last you a good few years.

Stunt Scooters
Tuesday, 29 October 2013  |  13:16