Stunt Scooter Compression Systems

Friday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

A compression system is used for holding the forks and headset in place.

There are three types that are used with threadless forks. Threaded forks just use a lock nut to keep everything in place.

Standard Compression System (SCS)

This system uses a chunky looking clamp. The difference being the hole diameter in the top and bottom of the clamp. The one at the bottom is smaller to accommodate the forks. The one at the top larger for the bars. This system fits over the top of the forks with a starnut inside the forks. A bolt is screwed into the headset cap and then into the starnut. The cap is caught on the lip inside the compression system. The bars are placed into the top slot and external bolts are tightened to act as a clamp.

Inverted Compression System (ICS)

This type of system uses a starnut mounted inside the bars. A long compression bolt goes up inside the forks from the bottom and screws into the starnut located in the bars. The headset cap is larger than the inner diameter of the fork tube and so catches and compresses.

Hidden Internal Compression system (HIC)

This system uses a starnut inside the fork bars. A shim sits around the outside of the forks on which a topcap sits. The compression bolt is screwed into the top of the fork tube through the headset cap and into the startnut. This compression system is used on oversized bars.

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