Stunt Scooter Bar Size

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Scooter Bar Size

If you are new to Stunt Scooters and / or a parent buying for your child, you may get a little confused when it comes to Scooter bars.  Common questions we receive are what height should the bars be and what is the difference between a standard bar and an oversized bar?

Bar Height

We get asked a lot of questions about about bar height, especially bars being too small for a rider.  When it comes to bar height we advise the bars should sit at belly button to hip height for a comfortable, safe ride.  Any higher than this and the rider will be wobbly and not in full control of the scooter.

You will find nearly all full sized stunt scooters have a standard bar size of between 500mm and 600mm.  In the past the lower bars have been favoured by riders as they are able to get more lift when performing tricks and stunts.  This is fine from a safety point of view as the rider still has control with lower bars.

However currently there is a demand for a higher bar as riding a stunt scooter is now not just a sport for the kids.  Grit Scooters have just launched their new bar - the Grit Battle bars which come in at 610mm (width) by 680mm (high) and they are around 30% lighter than steel bars.


Not a lot of people think about the diameter of a scooter bar but internally and externally there are three different size diameters to take into account, depending on the metal used and size of the bar - if you buy the wrong size, the bars won't fit the forks, clamp or compression.

Many people think that there are only two different sized bars - standard and oversized and this is correct to an extent, and determines what size clamp you need to purchase.  However, oversized bars come in two internal diameter variations depending on the metal and strength of the bar.

The diagram below illustrates the differences.

The outer diameter is ether 32mm for a standard bar size or 35mm which for an oversized bar.

The inside diameter comes in two different sizes - either 28mm or 32mm and this determines which forks and compression fit.


32mm Outside x 28mm inside - Standard bars which will fit threaded headsets, ICS (Inverted Compression Systems) and Mini HIC (Hidden Internal Compression). Usually made of steel at around 2mm thick.

35mm Outside x 28mm Inside - Oversized Aluminium bars.  Although these bars are classed as oversized they have the same internal diameter as standard bars.  This is because they are made of Alloy (lighter) so need to be thicker at around 3.5mm to give the same strength as steel bars.  Exactly the same headsets fit these bars as on standard bars.  Threaded headsets, ICS (Inverted Compression Systems) and Mini HIC (Hidden Internal Compression).

35mm Outside x 32mm Inside - Oversized bars which will fit standard HIC (Hidden Internal Compression). Usually made of steel and round 1.5mm thick.

Most SCS (Standard Compression System) will fit any of the above bars,  however the slit at the bottom of the bars needs to be removed.   Either by buying a bar purposely for an SCS system or getting the bar cut down.  Most SCS come with a shim so you can fit it onto any type bars but there are some brands that only make SCS for one type of bar so you need to check if you are going out and buying this set up.

Still unsure what bar is right for you or your child?

Give us a call a  As parents with scooter crazy kids we care that you get the right bars and scooter parts for your needs.