How To Stop Your Bars Rocking

8 CommentsFriday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

With any scooter, regardless of how much you have paid for it, over a period of time screws and bolts can begin to work themselves loose and can result in niggling problems such as bars that wobble or rock.

This can happen faster than you may think and can be due to a multitude of factors from how the scooter was first assembled, to how much or what type of use if gets. If you are new to stunt riding, or a parent who is trying to keep up with this trend, you may well panic and worry that something has gone seriously wrong with your purchase.  This is unlikely, and there are a few tips we can share with you to help in these circumstances.

If you bars are rocking and not stable then there are 2 areas you can focus on to tighten things up. 


Tighten the Collar Clamp

The most likely problem is that the collar clamp needs tightening.  This is the clamp, unusally with 3 or 4 bolts through it facing in alternate directions, at the bottom of the bars, above the head tube.  It is essential that these bolts are tightened one turn at a time each, and in turn working through each bolt.  Do not completely tighten one bolt and then move on to the next.  Tightening them a little each, in turn will ensure an even grip and eliminates the risk of threading the bolts.


Check the compression bolt.

Secondly, the compression bolt should be checked for tightness (threadless headsets only).  Do this by taking off the front wheel and using an allen key to tighten the bolt.  This bolt can work itself loose over time.  Sometimes taking the screw fully out and putting it back together can also help.  

Slamm Scooters have a excellent video clip to demonstrate how to do this...

Note: Do not ride your scooter if you think it is unsafe, and always use the appropriate safety equipment when riding scooters.