Sealed Bearings

Friday, 2 January 2015  |  Stunt Scooters

My son has a 2013 Grit Invader with semi integrated head tube and he is using SCS at the moment.
I normally use Standard Cartridge Bearings but i thought of trying sealed cartridge as the reviews say it runs a lot smoother. I bought 1 1/8 bearings, as is the standard for threadless headsets, right? Do you know why it doesn't fit? The outer diameter seams to big for the semi integrated cap...

Many thanks



Basically in a nut shell the headset cups that are pressed into the deck are designed for the open bearing races that was in there originally and not the new sealed bearing races that you have, now its’ not all bad news as all we need to do is change a few things. When you purchased the new headset bearings did you buy a semi-integrated headset or did you buy a fully-integrated one ?

Also I have noticed from the pic that there is an unusual amount of headset spacer on the fork which I know is for the scs but it is better to cut the fork down and re-install a new star nut as between each spacer there is a very very small week spot which over a long period of time and under any excessive pressure can cause the forks to crack and/or even snap however, this is only in the most extreme cases.


Hi, Thanks again for your help. I bought just the bearings.... So is not a matter of size, if for instance; i install a 1" sealed cartridge bearings instead of the 1 1/8, it will not work ?

Many thanks


No the cups in the deck will need to be changed as they are machined differently and the 1” sealed bearings will not allow the fork to pass through them. You need to ideally purchase a sealed semi-integrated headset.


OK ... if i buy the headset this sealed bearings will also fit, right? I can keep them as reserve, as the headset comes with their one sealed bearings...


Yes they will fit, so yes a good idea to keep as a spare. The neco headsets are good headsets as this is what we are using in all of the new 2014 grit and crisp scooters as standard now.