Scooters for Bumpy Terrain

Tuesday, 5 November 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

Hi, I see you offer 'kids under  8' packages to help address the handlebar issue with younger kids. I'm wondering if you can advise me: can the same work for dirt scooters? I have a son who will be 6 1/2 by Christmas and wants to upgrade from his micro mini to a 2-wheeler. He’s about 24kg and 124cm I think. We're in the UK for Christmas, visiting my family, so I want to buy a scooter there for Christmas, but we're currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam, where there are no skate parks and terrible pavements/bumpy roads to ride on. The mini micro (and maxi micro that my 9 year old daughter has) cope quite well, but I was thinking the dirt scooters would be the most versatile. Or maybe a solid wheel scooter, but not with such tiny wheels as those designed just for skate parks! Can you please help - the more research I do, the more confused I get about options!! Your advice would be appreciated!


Many Thanks for your contact. I have been giving your question some thought.

The dirt scooters are great for off road terrain and from what you say would seem to suit the pavements in Vietnam. That said we can’t change the bars to the lower T Bar we offer as the Dirt Scooters have compression systems built in and would need oversized bars to fit, which some brands like Lucky sell but would make it all starts getting a bit expensive.

I had a chat with our suppliers of Grit and Crisp Dirt Scooters as these two are our lightest dirt scooter so would be better suited for your son with him being younger. The best option they advised would be to get the bars already on the Dirt Scooter cut down to the correct height for your son. If you want to proceed with this option we do use a local mechanic who is able to cut scooter bars down for us. This would be an additional charge of £10.00. 

What we would need from you is an accurate measurement of your son from feet to belly button! From this we add on an inch to give the perfect riding height. If bars come up to high on a rider the rider risks losing control and smacking teeth/head on the front bar.

Another option would be a bigger or softer wheel. Wheels on Stunt Scooters are measured in Durometers for their hardness and usually come in around 80a-90a. So a wheel that’s 80a will be softer than a wheel of 90a. A softer wheel will ride over bumpier ground better and make the ride smoother than a hard wheel but is not favoured in the skate parks as a harder wheel can go faster. Likewise with a bigger wheel you should get a smoother ride on a bumpy surface. Although wheels over 100mm on stunt scooters are only just being introduced they are also making them hard so more suited to the skate park.

Personally going down the option of the dirt scooter seems a good choice or doing some more research into softer wheels?

Please get back to us if you need more advised or wish to discuss anything further.