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The first thing to make clear here is that performing scooter stunts and tricks is not easy and takes an awful lot of practice. When you watch the professionals at the skate park or on You Tube they make the tricks look seamless and like nothing can go wrong. Let me assure you that it can, and all scooter tricks and stunts should be carried out with extreme caution.

Secondly, it is essential that you have all the correct scooter safety gear including helmets and elbow/knee padding. You won't see the pro’s get on a scooter and start preforming without all the gear so you shouldn't either. These days you can buy some really good looking safety gear so don’t be put off. Falling with knee pads on hurts a lot less than without them.

OK, lecture over, now let’s look at the kind of tricks you need to know about to start really getting the best out of your scooter.

The Ollie

This is amongst the most important move you will need to perfect because it forms that basis of so many other scooter stunts. For this trick you need to ride at a good speed, then pull up on the handle bars and next lift your feet and the back wheel too so that both wheels are off the ground. Remember that when you land the skill is all about keeping your feet on the deck, not the floor. Keep practising the Ollie until you can get your knees right up to your chest.

The Bunny Hop

With this trick you need to think about your scooter as if it's a pogo stick! This one is all about the balance. You can start out from a stationary position but later you might want to try this whilst on the move. Put your strongest foot on the brake and your other foot in front of it. Pull up on the handlebars and balance on the back wheel, then start hopping on it, like a bunny! This is a great trick to start out with as it's comparatively easy to do and you can practise by increasing the number of hops you can do before putting your foot down.

The Kick Out

Following on from the bunny hop the Kick Out takes things one step further. For this one you need to ride at a good speed, start a bunny hop and then literally kick out your legs out to the side whilst they are still on the deck. How far out you kick out the deck is up to you but if you can go as far as 90 ° you have done well.

The 360

To be able to do a 360 ° turn is very challenging so it’s best to work up to this one slowly. Take it step by step; try to do a 180 ° and then build up to the full 360 ° turn. The 360 first requires that you have perfected the Ollie because you need to jump high to give yourself a chance to get all the way around. Start at a good pace, pull an Ollie and then whilst you are in the air twist your shoulders around to the left or right and let your legs and the deck follow.

The X Up

This one looks really cool and is not too hard to do once you have Ollies sorted and have learned to balance well on the scooter. Do an Ollie and get some good height. Once you are in the air turn the handlebars 180° and then back to the starting position again before landing.

The Tail Whip

To attempt this one you need to be pretty confident at doing Ollies and be able to get a lot of air, but once you have mastered this you can't fail to impress because this trick looks totally awesome to the spectators. To perform a tail whip, whilst you are in the air doing an Ollie kick the deck 360° around until it's back under your feet again. Then all you've got to do is land back on the deck! Yeah I know, much easier said than done.

The Tail Grab

Similar to the Tail Whip you will want to get a lot of air to perform this trick and to ensure that you do not crush your fingers by landing too early! Whilst in the air doing an Ollie bend right down and grab the back of the deck. The trick is to ensure you are back standing upright with both hands on the bars before you land again.

This is only the tip of the iceberg because there are many other stunts and tricks to learn before you can class yourself as a pro. However, listed above are tricks that will get you started and help you to get some credibility in the skate park.

My final word on stunt scooting is that whilst you do not necessarily need a top quality scooter to perform stunts, having a scooter that you can trust not to collapse under you or fall apart will help to give you the confidence you need to perform tricks. Your mind needs to be on the stunt, not on whether your scooter is up to the job. If you are looking for a great first stunt scooter then check out our Slamm Scooters page for the Slamm Rage II. This scooter comes in an ever changing range of designs so you can be pretty certain yours will be unique in the skate park. Madd Gear and Razor also make a great range of stunt scooters.

Gage Carroll
Sunday, 18 November 2012  |  22:35

really cool how you explain the tricks

Christine Weckerly
Sunday, 25 November 2012  |  0:14

I really like the way you described the different moves. My son is really into scootering and I would like to know the lingo to have something he loves to do to talk about. Thanks

Callum Berry
Sunday, 2 December 2012  |  21:49

thanks this is really helpful!!!! :D

Josh Kelly
Sunday, 16 December 2012  |  17:44

Nice one bro