Scooter for Adult

Tuesday, 6 May 2014  |  Stunt Scooters

Hi,bit of an odd question two boys have scooters and want me to get one to go to the sk8 parks,is there a scooter that i can buy to take my weight?im 11.5 stone and 6 foot tail? any info would be very helpful ;)



Many Thanks for your question.  Not as odd as you would think only a couple of weeks ago we had a gentleman buy a scooter as a surprise present for his wife's 40th so she could scooter to school with the kids!!

Ok most of the Stunt Scooters we sell are full sized and will suit 8 year olds to 80. That said given that you are quite tall some of the more basic starter scooters may not last as well.

Most of these scooters will take an adult up to 100kg or around 16 stone so your weight will be fine.  What you may struggle with more is being hunched over with handlebar height.  Nearly all full sized stunt scooters have the same bar height which would be 500mm-580mm.  This is just the size of the bars though so when the scooter is put together and the bars are on the forks a 580mm bar would measure 740mm from deck to top of bars.

The reason the bars are not usually higher is because shorter bars enable the riders to get better lift when performing tricks and stunts and if the bars come up too high on a rider they won't have full control over the scooter.  So if your son's have full sized stunt scooters this is probably going to be the height you will get.

Once you look at spending over £100 on a scooter you will have a higher spec and one of the big changes in scooters over £100 comes with having threadless headsets.  This really though would be what more experienced riders would be looking for. 

For yourself I would look for a scooter that has a flex break, and metal core wheels as they will be stronger than pu core wheels.  

One slightly newer scooter to the market that is slightly bigger on the bars and deck and wheels is the Crisp Ultima 125. The bars are 600mm high which I think are the highest on the market at the moment but this scooter comes in at around £189.00.

I am not sure on your budget but for around £99.00 the Grit Fluxx is a mid range scooter with metal core wheels and a cool brand to be seen on.

Hope this helps a little but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get back to us.