Friday, 2 January 2015  |  Stunt Scooters
Sealed Bearings

I normally use Standard Cartridge Bearings but i thought of trying sealed cartridge as the reviews say it runs a lot smoother. I bought 1 1/8 bearings, as is the standard for threadless headsets, right? Do you know why it doesn't fit?

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Friday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

The bearings sit inside the wheel and is often given an ABEC rating of between 1-9 with only odd numbers being used. The higher the rating the more precise the bearing is with little space between parts.

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1 CommentFriday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

The process of replacing scooter wheels is relatively simple when you know how. All you need for the job to two Allen keys that will fit into the Axel heads. Normally 5mm Allen keys do the job.

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