Replacing Wheels and Bearings

1 CommentFriday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

Scooters Wheels may eventually become worn and need replacing. Or you may even just want to update your wheels and bearings for epic new ones.

The process of replacing scooter wheels is relatively simple when you know how. All you need for the job to two Allen keys that will fit into the Axel heads. Normally 5mm Allen keys do the job.

Step 1- Place the Allen keys into both sides of the Axel heads for a firm secure grip each side and to prevent rounding. It's best to have your scooter in your lap upside down.

Step 2-Turn the Allen Keys anti clockwise with both hands. At the same time gently push inwards on the Allen Keys for a good bite.

Step 3- When the bolts have undone you can push the Axel bolt through with the Allen Key thus removing the wheel.

Step 4- Taking the edge of the Allen key and remove the first bearing, inside is a spacer that will just drop out. Then use the Allen key to remove the other bearing on the other side of the wheel.

Step 5- Take your new wheels and put the bearings in them. If you have new bearings use these. Simply place the wheel outside up on the floor and align the new bearing. Gentle push down with both thumbs until the bearing snaps in firmly to the new wheel.

Step 6- Insert the spacer back into the wheel and repeat the process of putting the second bearing into the wheel.

Step 7-Align the wheel back into position and place the long Axel both through the fork and wheel holes. If needed realign the spacer inside with the axel bolt using an Allen key.

Step 8- Screw in the other part of the Axel bolt and fully tighten using the Allen Keys.
You’re now ready to ride!!

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