Penny Boards Arrive!

Friday, 14 June 2013  |  Stunt Scooters GIVEAWAY


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Plastic skateboards have made a fast comeback over the last year.  These retro cruisers can be seen everywhere from skateparks to shopping mails, pavements to school yards.  What is it that's getting kids  and grown ups alike so excited about these plastic rides?

There are many versions of the retro cruisers available but  in the words of the 'original' Penny Board's you should "accept no substitute!"  This is because whilst you may find a cheaper version, if you are serious about quality then Penny have it all.


Why Penny?

Using their secret plastic formula, Penny create a skateboard which is strong and durable but also beautifully balanced, allowing for great manoeuvrability. This highly tuned board and the materials involved to create it are where your money goes and also where you will feel the difference in the ride quality.   The board will flex like wood, and the waffle style deck pattern aids grip allowing for improved control.

Made in Australia, these short deck skateboards are easy to learn to ride and control, yet robust enough to be thrown around the skate park, street or quite literally anywhere.  Check out this you tube clip if you are still in any doubt about its ability to flex!


The Choices...

Available as the orginal 22" board, the larger 27" nickel, the organic version with hessian bag, or the funky Penny Marbles editon with its unique paint effect deck, there's a Penny Board to suit everyone.  Designed for fun and cruising, yet compact enough to fit in your rucksack, the Penny trend is set to get even bigger this summer.