Keeping up with Slamm Mischief

Monday, 13 May 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

Keeping ahead of the game Slamm are constantly tweaking and redesigning their models.  This however can sometimes leave us a tad confused as to just what is the current model and what is the difference between them all.

So with 4 models currently on the market here is a little overview of the Slamm Mischief.

Originally you had the Slamm Mischief which was released in 2012 and came in 6 colours.  Blizzard, Grime, Haze, Inferno followed by the Hornet and Shadow in late 2012. This scooter was an upgrade on the massively popular Slamm Rage and at the time was the lowest priced scooter on the market to offer a threadless headset.

Then just before Christmas 2012 Slamm released the Limited Edition Mischief Ghoul which came in just two colour ways. Blue/Orange or Purple/Green. The upgrade being the addition of Alloy Ninja Star Wheels and new graphics.

For the beginning of 2013 Slamm unleashed the next in the Mischief series which was the Slamm Mischief Eternal. This model comes in 4 colours named the Crawler, Crypt, Demon and Howler. The biggest difference to this model was the now 110mm wheels instead of the 100mm on the Mischief and Mischief Ghoul.  Again this makes this model as of release the lowest priced threadless with 110mm wheels. This model also had the addition of some tougher bar grips.

May 2013 see the release of the Mischief Phantom. As with the Ghoul this upgrade gets the 110mm alloy wheels and new 360 bar wrap graphics. The wheels now placed on the Phantom are Slamm’s best wheels to date and are custom designed to give resistance to flat spots so should give you a longer lasting wheel.

Mischief Original - Upgrade from Rage. Cheapest Threadless Scooter. Mischief Ghoul - Upgrade from Mischief.  Alloy Core Wheels.
Mischief Eternal - Upgrade from Mischief Ghoul. New 110mm Wheels and Graphics. Mischief Phantom - Upgrade from Mischief Eternal.  New 110mm Custom Alloy Wheels.

With all these models currently available it’s worth considering the Original Mischief as this model can now be picked up at a reduced price.