How to Lock your Stunt Scooter

1 CommentThursday, 16 May 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

With the scooters growing in popularity many riders are choosing them as a cool means of getting to school or even work. But what do you do with your scooter once you get there? No matter how much your scooter cost you, having it stolen is not a desired outcome, so how can you secure a scooter and make sure it’s still there upon your return?

The Answer – A Code Scooter Lock.

Code are already a well-known brand for safety with their range of Skate/Bike Helmets but due to increasing demand they have now bought out a handy little lock to secure your scooter.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the scooter locks are designed with a retractable cable which can be fed through gaps in your wheel hubs and/or wrapped tightly around forks/ deck or bars, and secured to a bike rack or fixed post.

These small yet tough locks are really easy to use, include a combination lock so no risk of losing a key, and come with full instructions on how to set them up with your own personal code.

The Best Way to Lock A Scooter:

When locking up your scooter it is always best to ensure you lock it to a fixed object.  However, locking a cable through a wheel and then around the scooter will ensure that the scooter cannot be ridden away.

  • Locate a securely fixed object such as a bike rack, lamp post or railings. Feed the lock cable around the chosen object.
  • Ideally thread the lock cable through the front wheel spokes.  (Note: If your wheels are not spoked you will not be able to do this).
  • Wrap the cable back around the down tube (section of scooter reaching diagonally up from deck to bars), and fasten the lock. 
  • If you are using a Code Lock you can then press a button to retract the cable which in turn takes up the excess cable and provides a tight grip around the scooter.

Be safe not sorry and grab your lock today.