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With Stunt Scooters and Kids Push Scooters on the increase in popularity just how much should you spend on a scooter. Finding a Cheap Stunt Scooter is no easy task. Can you even get cheap ones? And what about quality versus price. Here at Stunt Scooters we have extensive knowledge of the best scooter brands available today and which models are going to give you a lot for your money.

As a whole depending on what you use your stunt scooter for should determine what you are willing to pay. If you are just starting out in the scooter world of riding you will want to look at the first time scooters like a push scooter that maybe fold for easy carrying. These types of scooter need not cost the earth and some brands will offer you quality and great price. Between £30-£60 should get you a good starter scooter. Under that price and you may find the scooter doesn’t last long due to poor quality parts. JD Bug and Micro offer excellent starter scooter. That said these types of scooters need gentle riding and may not live up to being landed on from heights whilst performing tricks and stunts. 

If it is tricks and stunts you have in mind you should look at specifically made scooters for the job. These will be the stunt scooters. These types of scooters are built to withstand pressures from landing on them. That said stunt scooter range greatly in price. If you have just started out and are in the process of learning these tricks and stunts then you will be able to find a decent stunt scooter that doesn’t cost the earth. I would suggest around the £50-£100 mark. Younger stunt riders in particular may want to look at this range of scooters. Check out Slamm and Grit for great quality and price. 

For the pro rider who is experienced in tail whips and 360 the sky’s the limit on what you could spend on a scooter. Stunt scooters in this range can still be found that can perform just as well as custom made scooter. You are probably looking at around £100 + for a decent pro scooter. For this type of scooter performance and strength in the spec and build will most definitely need to be taken into account when you buy as buying it as a scooter not fit for the job will cost you more in the long run.

Another option for your scooter is to buy the basic model of the brand you want and customise it over time. Customising scooters is highly popular. Over time a rider wants different wheels, better bars, and funky grip tape. So why spend a lot of money on the top end model when you can add and change parts as and when you can. 

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just started out and not doing too bad but really need a decent deck