Cheap Beginner Stunt Scooters

Tuesday, 29 January 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

For parents looking to buy a stunt scooter for their kids for the first time you may be looking for a cheap stunt scooter, but when it comes to buying a stunt scooter like most things you usually get what you pay for. 

That said you can get a good quality beginner stunt scooter at a reasonable price. It’s just knowing what parts on the scooter you can go for lower quality spec and is the brand you are buying going to be seen as “cool” in the skate park.

Grips- These may be foam instead of rubber on cheaper stunt scooters and foam will break and wear a lot easier than rubber grips. That said for very young riders foam grips tend to be more comfortable and on a scooter grips are easily replaced and don’t cost a fortune.

Bars- Alloy or chromoly steel is often used in the manufacturing of bars. Bars are going to be pretty much standard unless you are buying a top end scooter when they may have also been heat treated or a T6 alloy used.

Clamp- On cheaper stunt scooters the clamp may only be a double or at best a triple. The clamp gives added strength to the bottom of the bars to stop them snapping and as a rule of thumb the bigger the clamp the more strength added. However if you are buying for a young rider chances are they won’t be performing tricks and stunts and a double clamp can just as well be up to the job for a lighter rider. If you are into tricks and stunt go for at least a triple clamp. Also as with grips a clamp is easily upgraded at any point and they don’t cost too much.

Headset- This will be threaded on almost any scooter under the £90 mark.

Deck- As with bars these are pretty much a standard cast construction of Alloy mixtures. The higher the alloy content the better grade the deck will be. Decks that have been heat treated are going to be stronger for landing tricks and stunts on and less likely to snap. So depending on the weight of the rider and what you are using the scooter for will depend on what to look for in a deck. If you are performing trick as the deck takes most of the force from landing look for one that has been heat treated or reinforced. When you get to top end scooters decks they may be concaved with grind rails for better control over tricks and stunts.

Forks- On cheaper end stunt scooters the forks will be threaded to go with the threaded headset. The forks are usually made of alloy or steel and again the more you pay the better quality materials will be used. Look for reinforced forks if you land stunts on your scooter to reduce the risk of the forks snapping. If you are into changing out your wheels also check the forks take the size wheel you want.

Break- Lower end scooter will normally have a spring break which may over time rattle. This is fine if you can live with it and younger riders sometimes prefer a spring break as they are easier to push down on. Higher end scooters have a flex break.

Wheels -One of the most popular things to get upgraded on a scooter. If you are looking at cheap stunt scooters they should come with standard 100mm plastic core wheels. These wheels are absolutely fine for younger riders just cursing the pavements. If you want performance in the skate park you should be looking at alloy core wheels as these are stronger. The outer of the wheel is usually made from urethane and the higher the durometer grading the faster the wheel is going to go, but it will also give less grip and be bumpier when riding. For more information on scooter wheels click here.

Our recommendations for a good overall beginner stunt scooter would be the new Slamm Rage Classic due with us early March at an RRP of £60.00. Slamm have a great reputation for quality scooters and are a name to be seen on in the skate parks. Or the slightly upgraded Slamm Rage Urban at around £75.00 RRP. For more information on Slamm Scooters Click here.

Grit Scooters are another brand that have a great reputation in the UK Skate parks and start off their range with the Grit Extremist for beginners to intermediates at around £80.00 RRP.


Please let us and our readers know if you have a good cheap stunt scooter. What is it and what makes it a solid choice for you.