Push Along, Ride On and Finally a Scooter!

1 CommentWednesday, 15 April 2015  |  Stunt Scooters

Ride on Scooters are the latest hot item for parents wanting to buy a product that their kids will absolutely love, yet has huge longevity.  Riding one of these is huge fun, and gone are the days when you have to purchase a separate toy for each stage of your child's development.  Sit on scooters are riding high and this latest craze is set to last, because that's exactly what the product is designed to do - LAST!  Once your children have ridden on one of these there will be no going back.  From age 1 right through to 6 years old, the Ride On Scooter literally grows and transforms with your child. 

Our chosen example here is by the French brand Globber and is called 4 in 1 My Free 2C Globber Scooter, the best scooters to sit on in our opinion.  Beautifully made with revolutionary design this stylish product hits the mark for parents seeking something a step up from riding the now common Mini Micro Scooter. 

Starting out the deck of the scooter has a short post added and a seat can be fitted to this, providing a sturdy base which the rider from 1 year of age can sit on.  Adding the handle bars to the back of the seat creates the ultimate push along scooter, with parents able to fix the wheels with a simple press of the button at the front of the deck, giving the option for the bars to not tilt, keeping the rider safe.  

As your child grows, swap out the low post for the longer one included and raise the seat from 23cm off the ground, up to 30 cm.  Again the handle bars at the back of the seat can be added or removed to create a robust ride on toy. 

Finally these Ride on Scooters transform into a fantastic little 3 wheel scooter.  Simply remove the seat and the post and insert the handle bars into the slot at the front and away you go!  The wheels can either be fixed for basic safe riding whilst the child learns balance, or released to allow the rider to fully surf. 

With 4 separate bar heights this model continues to grow with the rider until around 6 years of age.   Believe us, parent love them, riders love them, Ride on Scooters are here to stay, and will be ridden for years to come.